naked for your eyes, yearning can’t disguise,
flushed with desire, skin does perspire,
pulling me to you, kissing does ensue,
breasts crushed against chest, hands on buttocks pressed,
laying me on rug, clothing off you tug,
then your cock springs free, standing up for me,
wondering how you’ll fit, in my tight wet slit,
on you focusing, my thighs opening,
inviting you in, for fun to begin,
yet you close my legs, as I softly begs,
silenced with firm kiss, protests you dismiss,
want and desire, has me on fire,
still locking lips, straddling my hips,
in passion I drown, as your weight bears down,
hands caressing back, over muscles track,
at junction of thighs, your cock softly plies,
over pouting nub, cock does grind and rub,
my back arches up, hands taut buttocks cup,
hips rise on their own, into your mouth groan,
want so very clear, as release so near,
my eyes lock with yours, and everything soars,
as you bear hard down, with your rubbing crown,
panting scream unloads, orgasm explodes,
as each wave rolls through, hips buck against you,
you keep on grinding, my pleasure minding,
writhing beneath you, till finally through,
flushed and elated, for moment sated.


your thick cock deep down my throat,
while licking along pussy lips,
moaning round your manly flesh,
as your tongue slips in-between,
tasting my honeyed nectar,
wanting more, delving deeper,
probing my hot, swollen core,
your hips slow, steady rhythm,
thrusting cock over my tongue,
muffling those gasps and whimpers,
at expert teasing of your tongue,
thrusting hard then tender lick,
steadily taking me closer,
yet keeping it out of reach,
relishing my frustration,
suckling on my throbbing core,
my purrs resound around your shaft,
as you press your cock down deeper,
then pull back, so that I can breathe,
my tongue rasping against your flesh,
with each slow steady stroke,
moistening fingers of both hands,
with my nectar and your saliva,
before I start rimming your arse,
feeling you gasp against my clit,
as my long fingers penetrate,
then your tongue swirls savagely,
while your cock seems to harden,
as thick shaft pulses in my mouth,
heavy balls slowly tighten,
bouncing hard, against the chin,
as fingers invade your arse,
swaying hips pushing deeper,
fucking mouth with lustful zest,
juices coating delving tongue,
grinding hips, seeking release,
as I know that I’m so close,
throbbing shafts spurts it’s first load,
fingers thrusting into me,
tongue pressing against my clit,
cock filling mouth, with it’s cum,
sending me over the edge,
orgasmic waves ripping through,
as I try to swallow all I can,
yet still it dribbles down my chin,
as my own juices flood your face,
clamping thighs holding you there,
till your drained and I’m content.

Every Last Drop

burying face in hardness of your chest,
wet folds, flushed and swollen with desire,
feeling tender touch that burns like fire,
as moist chasm, fingers delve and molest.

fondling your hard bulge, through the denim,
but then losing last vestige of control,
as over the clit, your thumb starts to roll,
and three thick fingers fill me to the brim.

sweet honey trickles down the inner thighs,
round those deep, thrusting fingers freely pours,
upon your nipple, my teeth gently gnaws,
fumbling fingers, unfastening your flies.

urgently pushing jeans down from your hips,
freeing the hard, throbbing proof of your lust,
needing to give pleasure, becomes a must,
fingers encircling cock and tightly grips.

your fingers slipping out, as slowly I kneel,
eyes fixed upon yours, lips trail over the head,
how turned on you are, so easily read,
as I run the tongue round top, with such zeal.

fingers still tightly gripping at the base,
sensually teasing, as I slowly lick,
then round rim of crown, tongue does flick,
before descending, at exquisite pace.

licking all the way downward, to the balls,
one hand cupping them, as other strokes cock,
and once again our lustful gazes lock,
as my exotic mouth, once more enthrals.

soft little kisses, as I take my time,
fondling heavy balls, lips over crown slid,
savouring and tasting seeping fluid,
which from that little slit, does slowly slime.

moving down again to play with your balls,
licking and kissing, then deeply sucking,
then even further back, head is ducking,
as tongue along the crack, sensually crawls.

teasing your anus, with flicking tongue’s tip,
till your body quivers with excitement,
tongue slipping back, fingers it’s replacement,
once again, my mouth does your cock worship.

lowering the head, swallowing you whole,
taking your shaft, to the back of the throat,
warm wetness of mouth, does every inch coat,
as playful fingers tease that tight, rear hole.

threading fingers entangled in my tresses,
grasping my head, holding me in place,
as your hips start bucking towards my face,
the hardness in my mouth, gags as it presses.

thrusting hips, bobbing head find their rhythm,
as I eagerly take, all that you can give,
till need to come becomes so compulsive,
and flesh stiffens, before releasing spasm.

your cum fills mouth and slides down the throat,
fervently swallowing every last drop,
until your thrusting hips, finally stop,
and on euphoric cloud, both of us float.


playing the seductress, as I sensually undress,

down to black lace lingerie, and seamed silk hosiery,

watching your face, removing stockings at seductive pace,

your ardent desire, just fuels my own inner fire,

unhooking the bra, tossing it towards the armoire,

revealing sumptuous breasts, with their dark erect crests,

sexily wobbled, aching to be touched and fondled,

smiling with satisfaction, as I gauge your reaction,

stripping panties so I’m nude, standing there to be viewed,

appraising each other’s body, with eyes lustily hungry,

over flesh they slowly trace, before we finally embrace


pressed down upon the table,
breasts flattened against the glass,
positioned to enable,
you exploring my pear shaped arse,

over lush sensuous curves,
your fingers tenderly stroke,
with reverence flesh deserves,
and wanton sensations evoke,

as baby oil trickles,
in the crack between my cheeks,
and then your finger circles,
before that tight rosette seeks,

carefully preparing me,
for your impending entrance,
progressing degree by degree,
slowly losing reticence,

my body lies beneath yours,
probing fingers slowly move,
into my tight arse finger saws,
and receptiveness improve,

suddenly fingers withdrawn,
to be replaced by your cock,
and feels like I’m getting torn,
till I get over the shock,

as your smooth knob pushes in,
stretching to accommodate,
taking more and more within,
pulling back, as pain does abate,

then pressing back into me,
each time going a bit more deep,
till it is nearly pain free,
and juices start to seep,

waiting for me to relax,
buried in arse to the hilt,
my bottom into you backs,
until such rhythm is built,

meeting each of your slow thrusts,
by pushing back with my hips,
hotly fuelling both our lusts,
your fingers under me slips.

into my wet heat they curl,
then rising up to the clit,
fingers exquisitely swirl,
at my neck, teeth gently bit.

your hard thrusting met by my own,
till arse filled with such hardness,
madly rubbing clit, making me groan,
sensing that welling wetness,

body tenses and stiffens,
gripping tightly at your cock,
and then the floodgate opens,
as teeth on my lower lip lock,

orgasmic waves gather strength,
as down the thighs juices squirt
my arse clenching round your length,
till you cum, spurt after spurt,

such passion rarely surpass,
holding me tight in your arms,
still buried within my arse,
till my frantic breathing calms,


whisper to me that favourite fantasy,
the one, which nightly haunts erotic dreams,
and always moves your flesh to ecstasy,
as you toss and turn beneath the moonbeams,

when you lose yourself within your daydream,
imagining yourself in soft embrace,
with person, whose lovemaking is supreme,
as fingertips strum at rapturous pace,

in privacy of imagination,
doing things, you don’t in reality,
without no fear of recrimination,
wallowing in such sensuality,

as you enjoy yourself in lewd fashion,
what fancy really inflames your passion?


naked and kneeling, silently waiting,

knowing that everything’s ready for him,

the house and grounds, spotlessly clean and trim,

his dinner is cooked, ready for plating,

candlelight romantic mood creating,

even written an adoring poem,

showered and perfumed, and freshly waxed quim,

mere thought of him sets my core pulsating,

hearing that familiar throbbing roar,

and heavy scrunch of wheels on gravel drive,

as Jaguar pulls up to the front door,

causing my fluttering heartbeat to soar.

knowing that finally he does arrive,

waiting, with eyes downcast towards the floor.