pressed down upon the table,
breasts flattened against the glass,
positioned to enable,
you exploring my pear shaped arse,

over lush sensuous curves,
your fingers tenderly stroke,
with reverence flesh deserves,
and wanton sensations evoke,

as baby oil trickles,
in the crack between my cheeks,
and then your finger circles,
before that tight rosette seeks,

carefully preparing me,
for your impending entrance,
progressing degree by degree,
slowly losing reticence,

my body lies beneath yours,
probing fingers slowly move,
into my tight arse finger saws,
and receptiveness improve,

suddenly fingers withdrawn,
to be replaced by your cock,
and feels like I’m getting torn,
till I get over the shock,

as your smooth knob pushes in,
stretching to accommodate,
taking more and more within,
pulling back, as pain does abate,

then pressing back into me,
each time going a bit more deep,
till it is nearly pain free,
and juices start to seep,

waiting for me to relax,
buried in arse to the hilt,
my bottom into you backs,
until such rhythm is built,

meeting each of your slow thrusts,
by pushing back with my hips,
hotly fuelling both our lusts,
your fingers under me slips.

into my wet heat they curl,
then rising up to the clit,
fingers exquisitely swirl,
at my neck, teeth gently bit.

your hard thrusting met by my own,
till arse filled with such hardness,
madly rubbing clit, making me groan,
sensing that welling wetness,

body tenses and stiffens,
gripping tightly at your cock,
and then the floodgate opens,
as teeth on my lower lip lock,

orgasmic waves gather strength,
as down the thighs juices squirt
my arse clenching round your length,
till you cum, spurt after spurt,

such passion rarely surpass,
holding me tight in your arms,
still buried within my arse,
till my frantic breathing calms,

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