playing the seductress, as I sensually undress,

down to black lace lingerie, and seamed silk hosiery,

watching your face, removing stockings at seductive pace,

your ardent desire, just fuels my own inner fire,

unhooking the bra, tossing it towards the armoire,

revealing sumptuous breasts, with their dark erect crests,

sexily wobbled, aching to be touched and fondled,

smiling with satisfaction, as I gauge your reaction,

stripping panties so I’m nude, standing there to be viewed,

appraising each other’s body, with eyes lustily hungry,

over flesh they slowly trace, before we finally embrace

8 thoughts on “Seductress

  1. You are right dear Poet. The undressing need to be slow and easy. Make every sense come alive. Wanting eyes make the body and spirit fell into safe and needed place. Make the beginning and ending perfect. A outstanding poem.


  2. Loved all of your lines in this work!! You should consider placing a Warning for those of us who have had heart troubles! Something like, “If you have heart trouble please take a pill before reading further”. It’s the thoughtful thing to do. LOL!

    Honestly, this was so masterfully done. The only thing that would have made it better would be a female voice reading it in an audio embed with a soft saxophone in the background. Oh, now that I’m thinking about this I’m going to have to ask you to please, please repost it that way?? We all will be waiting???


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