Every Last Drop

burying face in hardness of your chest,
wet folds, flushed and swollen with desire,
feeling tender touch that burns like fire,
as moist chasm, fingers delve and molest.

fondling your hard bulge, through the denim,
but then losing last vestige of control,
as over the clit, your thumb starts to roll,
and three thick fingers fill me to the brim.

sweet honey trickles down the inner thighs,
round those deep, thrusting fingers freely pours,
upon your nipple, my teeth gently gnaws,
fumbling fingers, unfastening your flies.

urgently pushing jeans down from your hips,
freeing the hard, throbbing proof of your lust,
needing to give pleasure, becomes a must,
fingers encircling cock and tightly grips.

your fingers slipping out, as slowly I kneel,
eyes fixed upon yours, lips trail over the head,
how turned on you are, so easily read,
as I run the tongue round top, with such zeal.

fingers still tightly gripping at the base,
sensually teasing, as I slowly lick,
then round rim of crown, tongue does flick,
before descending, at exquisite pace.

licking all the way downward, to the balls,
one hand cupping them, as other strokes cock,
and once again our lustful gazes lock,
as my exotic mouth, once more enthrals.

soft little kisses, as I take my time,
fondling heavy balls, lips over crown slid,
savouring and tasting seeping fluid,
which from that little slit, does slowly slime.

moving down again to play with your balls,
licking and kissing, then deeply sucking,
then even further back, head is ducking,
as tongue along the crack, sensually crawls.

teasing your anus, with flicking tongue’s tip,
till your body quivers with excitement,
tongue slipping back, fingers it’s replacement,
once again, my mouth does your cock worship.

lowering the head, swallowing you whole,
taking your shaft, to the back of the throat,
warm wetness of mouth, does every inch coat,
as playful fingers tease that tight, rear hole.

threading fingers entangled in my tresses,
grasping my head, holding me in place,
as your hips start bucking towards my face,
the hardness in my mouth, gags as it presses.

thrusting hips, bobbing head find their rhythm,
as I eagerly take, all that you can give,
till need to come becomes so compulsive,
and flesh stiffens, before releasing spasm.

your cum fills mouth and slides down the throat,
fervently swallowing every last drop,
until your thrusting hips, finally stop,
and on euphoric cloud, both of us float.

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