your thick cock deep down my throat,
while licking along pussy lips,
moaning round your manly flesh,
as your tongue slips in-between,
tasting my honeyed nectar,
wanting more, delving deeper,
probing my hot, swollen core,
your hips slow, steady rhythm,
thrusting cock over my tongue,
muffling those gasps and whimpers,
at expert teasing of your tongue,
thrusting hard then tender lick,
steadily taking me closer,
yet keeping it out of reach,
relishing my frustration,
suckling on my throbbing core,
my purrs resound around your shaft,
as you press your cock down deeper,
then pull back, so that I can breathe,
my tongue rasping against your flesh,
with each slow steady stroke,
moistening fingers of both hands,
with my nectar and your saliva,
before I start rimming your arse,
feeling you gasp against my clit,
as my long fingers penetrate,
then your tongue swirls savagely,
while your cock seems to harden,
as thick shaft pulses in my mouth,
heavy balls slowly tighten,
bouncing hard, against the chin,
as fingers invade your arse,
swaying hips pushing deeper,
fucking mouth with lustful zest,
juices coating delving tongue,
grinding hips, seeking release,
as I know that I’m so close,
throbbing shafts spurts it’s first load,
fingers thrusting into me,
tongue pressing against my clit,
cock filling mouth, with it’s cum,
sending me over the edge,
orgasmic waves ripping through,
as I try to swallow all I can,
yet still it dribbles down my chin,
as my own juices flood your face,
clamping thighs holding you there,
till your drained and I’m content.

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