naked for your eyes, yearning can’t disguise,
flushed with desire, skin does perspire,
pulling me to you, kissing does ensue,
breasts crushed against chest, hands on buttocks pressed,
laying me on rug, clothing off you tug,
then your cock springs free, standing up for me,
wondering how you’ll fit, in my tight wet slit,
on you focusing, my thighs opening,
inviting you in, for fun to begin,
yet you close my legs, as I softly begs,
silenced with firm kiss, protests you dismiss,
want and desire, has me on fire,
still locking lips, straddling my hips,
in passion I drown, as your weight bears down,
hands caressing back, over muscles track,
at junction of thighs, your cock softly plies,
over pouting nub, cock does grind and rub,
my back arches up, hands taut buttocks cup,
hips rise on their own, into your mouth groan,
want so very clear, as release so near,
my eyes lock with yours, and everything soars,
as you bear hard down, with your rubbing crown,
panting scream unloads, orgasm explodes,
as each wave rolls through, hips buck against you,
you keep on grinding, my pleasure minding,
writhing beneath you, till finally through,
flushed and elated, for moment sated.

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