Masterly Touch

pulling me to you, then kissing anew,
into mouth groaning, totally owning,
feeling cock through slacks, impressively packs,
unbuttoning shirt, nipples on alert,
clothes dropping to floor, naked flesh explore,
feeling sex moisten, as jeans unfasten,
finally shed thong, you’re so hard and strong,
knees feeling so weak, at your manhood peek,
gasping at your size, lust cannot disguise,
laying on cool sheets, so tenderly treats,
pushing legs apart, for real fun to start,
above me hover, soon to be lover,
body takes your weight, prodding my floodgate,
breasts crushed against chest, tongues sensually wrest,
wrapping legs round hips, as hardness parts lips,
so fucking immense, your huge hardness sense,
splitting me open, I’m barely coping,
to take you inside, mouth open, wide-eyed,
slow thrusting at first, still feeling I’ll burst,
wrapping arms round you, my feelings you view,
eyes focused on me, as slowly pull free,
sinking deep again, bliss overwhelms pain,
that sensual sound, as cock starts to pound,
hips crash against mine, as our mouths align,
cock’s hard fast splendour, lips kissing tender,
flesh starts to shiver, I’m all a quiver,
wanting this so much, your masterly touch,
as you make me yours, praise from my mouth pours,
flooding round your flesh, as body does thresh,
gripping you so tight, at orgasmic height,
another wave ride, as explode inside,
giving me your seed, fulfilling my need,
laying under you, till finally through,
both go us panting, from bliss sex granting,
unable to move, moment can’t improve,
whispered endearments, our loving cements.

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