finding you in the shower,
savouring the jet’s power,
pummelling upon your chest,
making you feel, far less stressed,
looking like such a wet dream,
amidst the clouds of rising steam,

my slender fingers caress,
as breasts against back press,
hard nipples slowly scraping,
my flesh to your flesh, shaping.
arms encircling your waist,
lips kissing skin, in no haste,

upon the shoulders and neck,
tender and sensual peck,
my soft voluptuous curves,
once again their Master serves,
reaching for the soap and sponge,
to wash away the day’s grunge.

shoulders, arms, back and broad chest,
washing your flesh with such zest,
hips, navel and those trimmed curls,
the soapy sponge slowly swirls,
to the shaft, around the balls,
my loving touch, just enthralls,

turning your back to the tile,
to I can see that huge smile,
soapy breasts sliding on chest,
as my lips against yours rest,
our tongues speak of our passion,
in such eloquent fashion.

pinning you against the wall,
lips and hands, down your flesh crawl,
sinking downward to my knees,
always knowing how to please,
once the soapsuds have rinsed off,
hardness so eagerly scoff,

while my fingers cause turmoil,
rubbing in baby oil,
upon your smooth, shaved scrotum,
and lubricating rectum,
my other hand slowly strokes.
while tongue, into the slit pokes.

reaching down for bobbing head,
into my hair, fingers thread,
as my warm mouth takes you deep,
fingers, sensual rhythm keep,
gazing upwards, I capture
that look of blissful rapture,

between your bottom’s cheeks,
my fingertip something seeks,
an opening, dark and pursed
which I probe gently at first,
water streaming over skin,
slowly easing two fingers in.

hearing your groaning shout,
as fingers slide in and out,
they so exquisitely poke,
to same rhythm others stroke,
noticing your body tense,
from the loving I dispense,

your hands tugging at my hair,
as ecstatic moment share,
seed pulsing onto my face,
making my own passions race,
up your wet flesh slowly slither,
then in tight embrace dither.

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