Pleasure We Share

hands on your hips,
tenderly grips,

thighs widely spread,
lowering head,

that heady scent,
which need does vent,

trim dark runway,
pointing the way,

to plump, pink lips,
glistening with drips,

like lollipop,
hard pearl on top,

needs a good lick,
which tongue does flick,

gaze up at you,
glorious view,

past heaving breasts,
with pouting crests,

mischievous eyes,
smile, that beguiles.

tongue swirling round,
hard nub is found,

tasting your cream,
as folds I ream.

probing insides,
deep in it slides,

moistening my chin,
tongue curls within,

your hips gyrate,
as thirst I sate,

moans state the need,
gladly I heed,

back at your clit,
my tongue does flit,

suck hard pebble
makemyou tremble,

tease and nibble,
juices dribble,

arching your back,
tongue doesn’t slack,

knowing you’re close,
getting verbose,

blasphemy blurt,
body does squirt,

move my mouth down,
in lust I drown,

pleasure we share,
beyond compare.

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