Frantic Gyration

shrieking as you move beneath the covers,
writhing when you suck deeply on each toe,
for I’m the most ticklish of lovers,
kissing your way up my legs, really slow,
till you finally reach those moist, pink folds,
tongue flicking over me, barely touching,
around my aching clit, your warm mouth moulds,
moaning softly to your gentle sucking.

lifting hips, as my flesh feels on fire,
your slick tongue swirling upon aching need,
flooding core with that liquid desire,
making me want to take your cock and your seed,
feeling that I can’t take much more of this,
hips start bucking as I bite back the screams,
trembling from moments of exquisite bliss,
as that liquid fire from my body streams.

shuddering from a mighty orgasm,
calves on shoulders, you enter paradise,
thrusting deep into my heated chasm,
rippling heat clenches round you like a vice,
gazing up into that dark intense stare of yours,
then grin at you, as I give your buttocks a smack,
wriggling out from beneath, makes you pause,
as I roll us over, so you’re on your back.

crouching over you, lowering myself down,
and inch by inch, my heat swallows your cock,
slowly lift up, till just touching the crown,
plunging down so hard, that our bodies knock,
gently start rocking myself, to and fro,
gradually building up the momentum,
till I’m bouncing up and down with gusto,
smacking into your flesh with my bottom.

tight hot passage, gripping and releasing,
fingers twisting nipples, with harsh intent,
frantic gyration of hips, unceasing,
you thrusting up hard to meet every descent,
grinding my clit, urgently against you,
violently shaking, in ecstatic zest,
deep inside me, your hot cum does spew,
quivering as I collapse, onto your chest.