Frantic Gyration

shrieking as you move beneath the covers,
writhing when you suck deeply on each toe,
for I’m the most ticklish of lovers,
kissing your way up my legs, really slow,
till you finally reach those moist, pink folds,
tongue flicking over me, barely touching,
around my aching clit, your warm mouth moulds,
moaning softly to your gentle sucking.

lifting hips, as my flesh feels on fire,
your slick tongue swirling upon aching need,
flooding core with that liquid desire,
making me want to take your cock and your seed,
feeling that I can’t take much more of this,
hips start bucking as I bite back the screams,
trembling from moments of exquisite bliss,
as that liquid fire from my body streams.

shuddering from a mighty orgasm,
calves on shoulders, you enter paradise,
thrusting deep into my heated chasm,
rippling heat clenches round you like a vice,
gazing up into that dark intense stare of yours,
then grin at you, as I give your buttocks a smack,
wriggling out from beneath, makes you pause,
as I roll us over, so you’re on your back.

crouching over you, lowering myself down,
and inch by inch, my heat swallows your cock,
slowly lift up, till just touching the crown,
plunging down so hard, that our bodies knock,
gently start rocking myself, to and fro,
gradually building up the momentum,
till I’m bouncing up and down with gusto,
smacking into your flesh with my bottom.

tight hot passage, gripping and releasing,
fingers twisting nipples, with harsh intent,
frantic gyration of hips, unceasing,
you thrusting up hard to meet every descent,
grinding my clit, urgently against you,
violently shaking, in ecstatic zest,
deep inside me, your hot cum does spew,
quivering as I collapse, onto your chest.

Burning Need

capturing my trembling lips,
with such a sensuous kiss,
making my desperate hips,
rub against you, so shameless,
with desire to have you inside,
well aware of that growing heat
of the lust neither can hide,
touches growing indiscreet,
caressing between parted thighs,
sliding underneath my skirt,
to where sodden underwear lies,
your fingers are so expert.

finding the wet heat of my core,
as I buck against your hand,
from burning need I just can’t ignore,
then grasping panties waistband,
tugging them all the way off,
positioned between my thighs,
your hardness against my wet trough,
gazing deeply into eyes,
as breathing becomes ragged,
and need overwhelms everything,
thrusting deep and hurried,
giving me, what I’ve been craving.

such hard pounding of my quim,
moans growing ever urgent,
as you fill me to the brim,
and I’m lost in the moment.
pleasure of your firm thrusting,
stretching as I take your size,
those tidal waves onrushing,
innards seems to liquidize,
as both reach the precipice,
quaking in joyous release,
filled by your spurting hardness,
achieving that mutual peace.

Returning The Favour

as my sleek tongue into your mouth does dance,
lingering tang of my own passion does taste,
hand down towards your hardness does advance,
caresses glide, slowly down to your waist,
before slender fingers, that hard shaft grips,
breaking our kiss to kneel down before you,
wanting that hardness between my red lips,
to feast on it’s throbbing hardness, anew,

trailing my lips up and down the firmness,
the passage of my tongue, makes your blood boil,
wrapping my lips around the head’s smoothness,
as my fingers around that thick shaft, coil,
sucking slowly and gently, in no rush,
oral attentions making you tremble,
also gets to me, for my skin does flush,
your fingers through my lush hair, do scramble.

sensual assault of mouth, makes you sigh,
my hand cupping your balls, massaging them,
velvety slick tongue, so wantonly spry,
as my mouth makes love, to your hardened stem,
trailing downward till I suckle on balls,
first one then the other, driving you crazy,
then my loving mouth back up your shaft crawls,
making you even harder, so easily.

stroking your girth, as I suck on the head,
and my sucking mouth, feels the hardness throb,
your fingers tightly in my hair, do thread,
as faster and faster, my head does bob,
feeling your balls, tighten in their sacks,
knowing you’re so close to an orgasm,
bobbing up and down, my mouth never slacks,
hardening even more, on brink of your spasm.

nearly gagging, as your seed starts to gush,
as it fills mouth, having my own small climax,
enjoying taste, swallowing each onrush,
pulling me up, as hardness starts to relax,
your strong arms take me in tender embrace,
seeing that contented look in your eyes,
and the joyful smile that graces your face,
when we give each other such orgasmic highs.


eyes closed, as if savouring the heat of the hot tub,
legs stretched casually towards you, on the other side,
toes searching for arousal, that churning bubbles hide,
didn’t take long before across your hard flesh did rub.

teasingly smiling, giving you a foot-job,
knowing I’ve achieved that alfresco seduction,
my lewd actions, now beyond misconstruction,
pleased with just how much, I make you achingly throb.

slowly extending your own legs, across the divide,
lifting my feet away from you and spreading my thighs,
as your big toe touches my lips, responding with soft sighs,
over my silky smoothness, your probing toe does glide,

unhurriedly massaging my flesh, with both big toes,
breathing quickens and deepens, as you leisurely shove,
left toe into sleek heat, while right circles just above,
arching my neck back, as yearning for release grows.

suddenly clamping thighs shut, when spasm rocks my core,
hands gripping your feet, as more convulsions ripple through,
deep into my flooding heat, your big toe does screw,
as my screams of release, compete with the bubbles roar.