Skin Upon Skin

loud rhythmic slapping of skin upon skin,
echoed in the raggedness of breathing,
as your firm flesh slides ever deeper in,
I dictate terms of this sensual sheathing,

impaling myself hard every time,
breasts wobbling as my buttocks hit your thighs,
sweat dripping freely, as exertions climb,
both of us striving for those sensual highs.

flesh aching, unable to get enough,
bringing myself down even harder still,
urgently scaling that orgasmic bluff,
using your body with such practised skill.

not holding back those waves of throbbing bliss,
ravaging you in my licentious want,
satiating my lust, so totally shameless,
senses melting, in desire’s molten font.

riding so hard, panting and desperate,
barely able to take breath, anymore,
praying that just this once, you’ll manage to wait,
until euphoric words, from my mouth pour.

when that dam of pleasure, finally burst,
clamping down, as spasms ripple through flesh,
briefly sating, that unquenchable thirst,
grinning down at you, then moving afresh.

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