long held inhibitions finally overcome,
as your lips close round another man’s cock,
tasting my sweet juices and my lover’s cum,
my fingers round your own rigid length lock,
stroking your cock gently, urging you on,
to take his inches further down your throat,
up and down his thick shaft, mouth sucks upon,
and your saliva does that bulbous head coat,
his hips thrust, your head bobs, as pace picks up,
making him moan with your new found technique,
your palm, his heavy undulating balls cup,
fingertips back towards his arse slowly sneak.
as my fingers continue to stroke up and down,
my other hand eases the ache down south,
in the sensuality of the moment we drown,
as his cock slides faster in and out your mouth,
and you suck harder as he starts to unload,
till cum leaks from lips and dribbles down your chin,
your throbbing cock over my fingers does explode,
and my own sumptuous orgasm starts to begin,

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