moaning and squirming whilst begging for more,
two long fingers corkscrewing deep inside,
against my g-spot exquisitely slide,
orgasm slowly building, hot juices pour,

round stroking fingers, wet pussy tightens,
as I plead for your cock and for release,
heeding my needs, your fingering you cease,
and that orgasmic urge, greatly heightens,

plunging in, as hard and fast as you can,
thrusting your hardness as deep as it’ll go,
then stroking back and forth, so very slow,
such fullness makes me grateful you’re my man,

pinching my nipples, as I rub my clit,
feeling me convulse, pound me harder and faster,
sweat from exertions does bodies plaster,
loving how juices squirt hard from my slit,

orgasms build, break, ebb and build again,
until I’m begging you to fuck my arse,
an invitation you find so hard to pass,
pressing in, as pleasure outweighs the pain,

moaning as juices down inner thighs seep,
knowing I feel so tight, that you won’t last long,
after two dozen strokes, cumming so strong,
collapsing over me, still buried deep.

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