Iced And Waxed

naked, bound and splayed,
making sure I can’t relax,
slowly dripping hot wax,
burning splashes on skin,
as erotic games begin,
covers hard right crest,
this doesn’t suffice,
at the same time uses ice,
and left one freezes,
pleasing sensations,
fuelling frantic hip’s gyrations,
as waxes left tip.

ice and wax trail down,
contrast of heat and chill,
making juices spill,
wax dripping on mound,
guttural groans only sound,
ice pushed deep inside.
wax splashes about,
as cold water trickles out,
feeling so intense,
ankles he unties,
kneels between wanton thighs,
hands cupping bottom,
hot flesh fills chilled ache,
making me quiver and tremble,
the moment’s so special,

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