Mutual Need

lips trailing down back, finally reaching crack,
tongue flickering down cleft, proving it’s so deft,
teasing tight pink bud, making juices flood,
sensual tormentor, pressing to enter,
hand moves to my slit, finger rubs own clit,
straddling my hips, cock against bud hits,
dribble of lotion, applied with devotion,
both of us lubed up, as our bodies lineup,
pushing back with hips, as yours towards me dips,
feeling I’m so tight, as my bottom lip bite,
finger against clit tracks, till finally relax,
reaching back to guide, crown presses inside,
shaft slowly does pass, till buried in arse,
as I take it all, fingers the clit maul,
pulling out to tip, then forcefully dip,
hips lift to meet you, as my arse you screw,
so hot and so tight, exquisite delight,
harder and faster, proving you’re the master,
relentless hammering, till for release clamouring,
pressing hard one last time, then moment’s sublime,
satisfying mutual need, filling with copious seed,
collapsing on top, once my tremors stop.

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