furtively watching you from the bathroom door,
sight of you holding large, black cock, thrills me to the core,
surrounded by steam, standing under the shower,
head thrown back, enjoying the water’s stinging power,
reserve like clothes shed, no longer acting demurely,
thick fingers stroking yourself, slowly and surely,
sliding up the long, thick shaft, circling the head,
while fingers of other hand, through short black hair thread,
nipples tighten and harden into prominent peaks,
crossing my legs, sensing my arousal leaks,
watching your cock harden and grow, with every stroke,
such wanton thoughts your sensuous actions evoke,
slipping a hand inside blouse, cupping my heaving breast,
fingertips fastening upon already hard crest,
eyes fixed upon sliding hand, varying the tempo,
taking yourself to brink, then delaying crescendo,
watching your buttocks tensing, in time to your stroking,
my fingers sliding down, and into my jeans poking,
pressing the damp fabric of my panties inside,
fingertips over the hard pebble of my clit glide,
half closed eyes still fixated upon your hand and cock,
my rhythm matching your own, as hips start to rock,
pretending that it is your long fingers, not my own,
that are causing me to tremble and softly groan,
finally lifting my eyes, to look up at your face,
seeing you staring back at me, as both our fingers race,
grin, says you’re not the slightest put off by being caught,
hand stroking cock frantically, then your body goes taut,
large globules of your cum, spurting in my direction,
from tip of your very hard, twitching erection,
watching you cum so strongly, brings on my own orgasm,
closing my eyes, as you now watch me tremble and spasm.

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