The Night Before

the morning after the night before,
head throbbing, body feeling so sore,
clothing scattered across the floor,
either side of me, people snore,
vaguely remember the dance floor,
swapping partners between us four,
kissing deeply, as hands did paw,
getting aroused, and wanting more,
staggering home, stumbling through door,
urgent stripping of the clothes we wore,
mouths and fingers that did explore,
night’s sensuality then did soar,
as I got what I’d been asking for,
your husband’s large cock in me did bore,
his lovemaking thrilled to the core,
hard and fast, just as I adore,
while your teeth upon my clit, did gnaw,
orgasmic urge, couldn’t ignore,
mingled juices from me did pour,
swapping back partners, for first encore,
then doubling up, pussy and arse did saw,
fucking me till I couldn’t take anymore,
both holes feeling abused and raw,
falling asleep against lush curves of your,
having indulged a little too much, once more.

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