your mouth on mine, so hot, wet and open,
tongues meeting, tasting, squirming sensually,
fingertips at back of the neck, stroking,
sucking on your tongue, as your caresses glide,
hands on your hips, breasts squashing and pressing,
both lost within exquisiteness of kiss.

gasping for breath, finally having to break kiss,
button by button, blouses we slowly open,
hand on lace clad breast, squeezing and pressing,
your lips against my neck, moaning sensually,
as fingers down the back of my pants glide,
my buttock cheeks, exploring and stroking,

red bra straps from your shoulders I’m stroking,
mouths meeting again, for impassioned kiss,
your serpentine tongue, against mine does glide,
as the front clasp of your bra, pops open,
fingertips teasing nipples sensually,
as shorts down my hips, your hands are pressing.

finally our naked flesh is pressing,
when sodden lace from my legs you’re stroking,
your hardened nipples feel so sensually,
when upon my own hard nipples, they kiss,
your alabaster thighs slowly open,
as between them my thigh, does press and glide.

down your trembling flesh, my soft kisses glide,
into your deep navel, tongue is pressing,
swollen folds, fingers tenderly open,
top of my head, you’re urgently stroking,
for there’s somewhere else, that you want my kiss,
aroma of lust, wafting sensually.

writhing as I torment, so sensually,
in tight rear, long slender finger does glide,
on clit, my swirling tongue and sucking kiss,
your hands clutching my head, tightly pressing,
fingers in wet heat, special spot stroking,
intense shuddering, then floodgates open.

groaning sensually, thighs clamping and pressing,
back up I glide , soothing fingers stroking,
open mouth greets mine, for another kiss.

5 thoughts on “Open

  1. ‘Aroma of lust’…… this is the perfect heart starter at m 4:30 am……. your descriptive words are so beautiful and sensual…. I am so glad I follow your works of art…
    Glad you enjoyed her and yourself 😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌹🌹🌹


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