alternating between their hardening pricks,
first my husband’s, then lover’s sucks and licks,
bringing them closer, until they’re touching,
thicker white but longer black, my hands clutching,
impaling myself upon my husband’s cock,
riding him slowly, while eyes with lover lock,
reaching back, grabbing hold of my butt cheeks,
exposing crease where puckered rosette peeks,
leaning forward as lover goes behind,
instinctively knowing what I have in mind,
liberally lubing both of us up,
his fingering, such a sensual buildup,
to take them both, is what I’ve been lusting,
knowing each will feel the other thrusting,
slowly opening wider at his insistence,
until he overwhelms my resistance,
lover’s cock slowly inching into my arse,
pausing while I wait for discomfort to pass,
having never felt so stretched and full before,
slowly gyrating hips, until feel I want more,
that I can take them both, feeling so confidant,
demand that both fuck me, as hard as they want,
husband’s short, sharp thrusts, lover’s longer hard strokes,
exquisite rhythm, soon first orgasm does coax,
so much deeper and stronger than the norm,
wave after wave through flesh and senses storm,
clamping round cocks, as quiveringly tenses,
until finally I regain my senses,
ordering them to fuck me until they both cum,
husband stretching pussy, lover in my bum,
short thrusts from below, long deep strokes from behind,
such an erotic sensation when combined,
one pulling out, as the other presses in,
knowing they can feel each other’s movement within,
my husband, the first to break the tempo,
tensing beneath me, as his load does blow,
flooding insides, before he starts to go slack,
lover’s thighs against buttocks continue to smack,
husband’s softening cock and juices, slipping out,
having played his part in this sensual bout,
and lover keeps up his exquisite pounding,
as usual his stamina is astounding,
that I’m soon on the verge of coming again,
quivering and clenching, against him I strain,
as his own spurting release, fills my tight arse,
before waves of my orgasm subside and pass.
on top of my husband, both of us flop,
as his large cock slips from me with a soft plop,

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