atmosphere very romantic and magical,
champagne and cognac having made us whimsical,
enthralled by the beauty of the city at night,
your manly arms wrapped around me, holding me tight,
from your attentiveness and alcohol all aglow,
to Sinatra’s soft crooning, swaying to and fro,
your warm lips by my ear, whispering endearments,

feeling your ardour rising, through our thin garments,

the silk of your boxer and the lace of my robe,

warming of your breath, washing upon my earlobe,

that sensual scent of my favourite cologne,

pressing buttocks back against hardness that’s grown.
fingers fumbling, undoing the knot of my belt,
before your caress upon bare stomach is felt,

leaning backward against your masculinity,

robe open, displaying my lush feminity,

your arms around me, hands still upon my stomach,

swaying against erection prodding my buttock,

lightly brushing fingers, through hairs on your forearms,

closing the eyes, submitting to the night’s charms,

as the fingertips of one hand, caress upward,

the caress of your other hand, wanders downward,
stroking fingertips, such tenderness did impart,

pushing sides of my robe, even further apart.

until exposed breasts, into waiting tingers spill,
over curve of heaving breasts, your touch is a thrill,

upon smooth pubic mound, caress is like fire,

as my innards dissolve into liquid desire,

circling slowly round that pouting left nipple,

just where darker aureole does the skin stipple,

as other fingers explore those plump swollen lips,
between finger and thumb, nipple squeezingly grips,

rolling, twisting, tweaking, varying the pressure,
fingers poking my wetness adds to the pleasure,

with teeth gently nibbling upon the neck and lobe,

from quivering shoulders, slipping off my lace robe,

momentarily pulling apart from embrace, 

to permit passage of downward slithering lace,

and removal of your unwanted underwear,
knowing that neighbours can see, but don’t really care.
leaning forward to place my hands against the glass,
presenting myself to you, by wriggle my arse,
monetarily that stiffness prods the wrong hole,
so reaching behind, grasping your tumescent pole,

and guide the head of your cock, between my moist lips,
as my shoulders you grip, slowly deeper in slips,

till your coarse pubic bush, presses against my skin,

nearly withdrawing and then sliding fully in.

slowly building up pace, till you’re pounding away,

bouncing off my body, so these plump breasts do sway,
stretching and filling my chasm, slaking your lust,

trying to press backwards, to meet each powerful thrust,
feeling your taut testicles bouncing off my flank,

your hand slipping to nipple to twistingly yank,

supporting with one hand, my other slides to my clit,

upon swollen node, fingers flickeringly flit,
clasping muscles massaging your firm thrusting penis,

as it strokes in and out of that heated wetness,
swelling as it gets, thicker, firmer and longer,

and your thrusting becomes, rhythmically stronger, 

suddenly stopping as body goes rigid,

and my muscles grip, along that shaft so turgid, 

before I feel your release, spurting deep inside,
that I’ve not come yet, disappointment hide,
fingers keep flickering over sensitive node,

till with you still inside, feel ready to explode,
start quivering, as my fingers frantically plies,

and mingled juices, slowly seep out down the thighs,
as waves of my release, fill my body with glee,
and contracting muscles, forces flaccid cock free,
your manly arms wrapping around, holding me tight,
enthralled by the beauty of the city at night.


softly kissing swell of large heaving breasts,
inhaling headiness, of my perfume,
feeling wanton lust, so ardently bloom,
as your warm, wet mouth envelopes the crests,
feasting on me, as my clothing divests,
pushing thighs apart, giving you more room,
such lusciousness seen, just want to consume,
hardened nub, emerging from where it nests,
stark muskiness, making you more rigid,
as tongue and mouth, savours sweet honeyed taste,
swirl of tongue, making me writhe and fidget,
screaming out loud, as hot blood through veins raced,
between the cheeks, that trespassing digit,
brings on releasing spasms, with such haste.


wanting your cock as deep as it will go,
pounding hard into tight, dripping wet cunt,
muscles clasping as you slide to and fro,
just fuck me harder, my guttural grunt,
so wet now, as you give me what I want,
thrusting and grinding hard, into my flesh,
flesh slapping loudly, reacting to taunt,
feeling cock harden and grow, as I thresh,
ordering you, to come inside of me,
for I want your hot cream, to fill me up,
shuddering with spasms of ecstasy,
digging fingers, my hips painfully cup,
as your pulsating cock, empties in spurts,
and my own love juice, orgasmically squirts.


kissing me after mouths close the distance,
sparking that rampaging passion inside,
opening my lips to your tongue’s insistence,
pushing all those reservations aside,
mouth and senses you sensually seduce,
wrapping arms round you, as I cling on tight,
feeling that something inside has burst loose,
everything at moment, just feels so right,
thighs dampen for lust’s beyond suppression,
your moist dark eyes stare deeply into mine,
as your lips softly ask me a question,
willingly my body and soul I consign.

unfastening my blouse as my reply,
letting it slide from shoulders and down arms,
fingers brush nipples that under lace lie,
unclasping bra, as eyes feast on my charms,
nipple sucked as tongue flicks over it,
hands entwining within your gypsy curls,
as sensations straight to my loins transmit,
savouring your expert tongue’s licks and swirls,
till you stand up and we start to undress,
sight of your nakedness has me entranced,
as we embrace and our bare bodies press,
kissing hard, as tongues sensually danced,

moaning in pleasure, as lips travel down,
hands pushing your head, lower and lower,
wallowing in so much lust, I could drown,
tasting and exploring, tongue moves slower,
running over my hard, pulsating clit,
arching my back and whimpering loudly,
two fingers buried deep within my slit,
as you assail my senses so soundly,
relishing your tongue’s slow, sensuous licks,
watching your head, moving between my thighs,
taking me to edge, with tongue’s erotic tricks,
trembling as I reach orgasmic highs.


your hard-on’s insistence, overcomes my resistance,
tongue ravaging mouth, arousal presses down south,
fingers trace through trimmed curls, then upon clitoris swirls,
huge turgid shaft your hand grips, placing it against my lips,
resting at the entrance, being moistened by my essence,
then sliding along my slit, grazing over taut clit,
so slowly pulling it back, as it does sensually track,
finally slowly enter, stretching with huge member,
body adjusting to yours, as within me briefly pause,
feeling ridges and throbbing veins, my flesh against yours strains,
moving at slow steady pace, starting our orgasmic race,
pace building up relentless, till you’re fucking me senseless,
my hips rock in rhythm to yours, as sensuous moans you cause,
squelching as our bodies meet, passion seems to overheat,
hot cum spurting deep inside, as own orgasmic wave ride.

As Our Husbands Watch

kissing tenderly, as our husbands watch,
their passions temporarily placid,
bodies weary, cocks shiny and flaccid,
our mouths tasting of their cum, and of scotch,
fingers tenderly explore moistened crotch,
head moving down, as yours hands gently urge,
till my delving tongue, makes arousal surge,
finding your hard clit, jutting from its notch,
once limp cocks start to harden, as hands stroke,
both turned on, by watching wives making love,
our heads buried, between each other’s thighs,
tasting and teasing, as tongues swirl and poke,
not knowing whose cock, in pussy does shove,
as trembling, clamping thighs, muffle my sighs.