massaging balls then stroking up and down,
kissing before lightly sucking on tip,
earthy groans as soft lips caress your crown,
then licking balls, and gentle teeth skin nip,
taking balls in mouth, rolling over tongue,
as my hand continues to stroke your prick,
up throbbing shaft, soft kisses go along,
making you squirm, as at your glans teeth nick,
biting all round head, giving pain and pleasure,
driving you so crazy, by such teasing,
how much you can take, expertly measure,
taking you in mouth, you find more pleasing,
moving lips down from the tip to the base,
deep throating you, sucking harder this time,
against back of throat, cheeks hold you in place,
sucking mouth, up and down your cock does climb,
pausing for breath, making you curse and wait,
let you calm down, before sucking again,
and as you come close, again I frustrate.
as I straddle your cock, you don’t complain.

smearing my hot wet pussy, with each pass,
grinding hips but not letting you enter,
pussy against balls, cock against my arse,
my wet flesh such a sensual tormentor,
driving both mad, till we can take no more,
and finally I take every hard inch,
your lengthy thick cock, fills me to the core,
as we start fucking, and hips move in sync,
buttocks loud slapping, in urgent pleasing,
raising pussy to tip, then slamming down,
hard thickness stretching, tight pussy squeezing,
hips pounding arse, as in moment we drown,
your hard thrusts, my fingers find my clit,
the fire builds inside, then does overcome,
erupting, squirting hard deep into slit,
as my clasping flesh, milks you of your cum,
and one orgasm, follows another,
feeling cock throbbing and pulsing so deep,
screams of ecstasy, don’t try to smother,
till prick softens and mingled juices seep,

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