your hard-on’s insistence, overcomes my resistance,
tongue ravaging mouth, arousal presses down south,
fingers trace through trimmed curls, then upon clitoris swirls,
huge turgid shaft your hand grips, placing it against my lips,
resting at the entrance, being moistened by my essence,
then sliding along my slit, grazing over taut clit,
so slowly pulling it back, as it does sensually track,
finally slowly enter, stretching with huge member,
body adjusting to yours, as within me briefly pause,
feeling ridges and throbbing veins, my flesh against yours strains,
moving at slow steady pace, starting our orgasmic race,
pace building up relentless, till you’re fucking me senseless,
my hips rock in rhythm to yours, as sensuous moans you cause,
squelching as our bodies meet, passion seems to overheat,
hot cum spurting deep inside, as own orgasmic wave ride.

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