wanting your cock as deep as it will go,
pounding hard into tight, dripping wet cunt,
muscles clasping as you slide to and fro,
just fuck me harder, my guttural grunt,
so wet now, as you give me what I want,
thrusting and grinding hard, into my flesh,
flesh slapping loudly, reacting to taunt,
feeling cock harden and grow, as I thresh,
ordering you, to come inside of me,
for I want your hot cream, to fill me up,
shuddering with spasms of ecstasy,
digging fingers, my hips painfully cup,
as your pulsating cock, empties in spurts,
and my own love juice, orgasmically squirts.

9 thoughts on “Wanting

  1. Hello I just started writing erotica as an experiment please tell me what you think I would love to have you edit this. Read Below.

    She stood at the gas pump with the guy she had just met while vacuuming her Chevy Blazer. He chatted her up any time her vacuum stopped. She had been watching Buttman all night with her double ass/pussy dildo up inside her. Her get up was a good one today. It consisted of a tank top made into a makeshift skirt, a tank top up top with no bra, flip flop and no panties. She could tell he had got some great peaks at her hairy pussy when she would bend over to vacuum. She even inched up her makeshift skirt for a little more visibility.

    As they talked, she leaned in to grab her purse to go pay inside. She felt the breeze hitting a wet patch of pussy hair under this faux skirt. She felt him come close behind her and he made his move. He reached down and stuck two fingers straight into to her wet dirty cunt. They slid knuckle deep and he whispered, “I want to slide my cock in you.” This is when the plan came together. “Go park your car by the bathrooms around back, I’m going to get something to drink and ask for the bathroom key.” She parked her rig and walked around towards the back and opened the the bathroom door. She saw him start to get out of his truck as the door shut behind her. She opened the beer she got for her dry mouth and took two large gulps before the dude tap lightly on the door.

    She pushed it open for him, and he came with an agenda. He grabbed her, bent her over the sink, dropped down on his knees and licked her from clit to asshole about 5 times. He stood up and slid it in straight her hairy snatch and pumped her from behind firmly for about two to three minutes. Then he grabbed her by the shoulders, took her over to the dirty toilet and bent her over so she could grab the handi-cap rail for support. He reached around and started vigorously rubbing her clit. She was cumming hard thirty seconds later.

    The thought of strange cock inside her bareback always made her cum fast and hard. The thought of some strange tweaker fucking her bareback over the dirty gas station toilet just sent wet pulses of energy through her cunt.

    He started calling her a whore and slid his thumb up her ass. She had already had a rubber cock and a generous amount of olive oil in it just a couple hours before this little dawn outing to the Gas station/Carwash so her ass was ready to go. “You have a dirty pussy,” he snarled. “My ass is even dirtier.” He got the cue and pulled his cock out of her and began rubbing it between her cunt lips and her asshole. She was completely soaked from belly button to the small of her back at this point. She reached back and positioned his cock and he made a slow solid thrust into her Backpussy. Another thrust deeper and on the third he slid in all the ways to his sweaty sack. His balls hit her cunt lips from behind.

    Once her ass opened for the full length of the strangers cock he began deep thrusts for what seemed like 5-10 minutes. He had staying power and fucked as deep as he could go. Squish in squish out. It was dirtier than she had imagined; she was in fucking heaven.

    She smell of her ass juice and freshly fucked pussy filled the bathroom stall and she came again from the thought of how dirty she was being. Her and her boyfriend always fantasized about her going out and getting fucked and he had even watched a few guys fuck her in both holes. But would he believe this happened or would he think she just made up another scenario to turn them both on?

    The stranger thrust deep into her and she could feel three large warm loads of cum fill her rectum. He slid his manhood out and without wiping her ass juices off him he zipped up and walked out of the bathroom. He had fucked her, filled her and left without even exchanging names. She reached down and grabbed her makeshift skirt pulled it back around her waist, sat on the dirty toilet and could feel some of his cum drop out out of her ass. She had done what her boyfriend kept telling her to do. Go out and be a filthy whore. Would he believe it when she woke him up in 20 minutes?


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