how turned on you are, no longer disguise,
totally nude, stroking your erection,
as I kiss another with affection,
and fantasy unfolds before your eyes,

he asks “you don’t mind if I fuck your wife.”
you respond by just saying, “be my guest.”
last of my clothing, so quickly divest,
as erotism of moment so rife.

kissing my nipples, whilst fingering me,
before moving down, and using his tongue,
grazing across clit, from hood newly sprung,
how worked up he has me, know you can see,

moaning as he eats me out eagerly,
thighs tightening round head, as body tenses,
climaxing hard, as I lose my senses,
stunned how he made me come, so easily

trembling, as he moves into position,
his thick, hard cock lining up like a cue,
you move beside us, for a better view,
savouring scene, without inhibition,

crown spreads me, then cock slides all the way in,
moaning, as he starts to fuck me so hard,
enraptured, your presence I disregard,
relishing stretch of such fullness within,

sense him getting close, just before he stops,
then orders you to lie down on the bed,
before telling me, to straddle your head,
bending forward, your cock into mouth pops,

watching from inches, as we go again,
his thick, long cock, pummelling from behind,
while sucking yours, upon your face I grind,
till your licking tongue, against clit does strain,

his heavy balls bumping against your forehead,
your tongue occasionally, licking along,
length of his glistening hard, thrusting schlong,
as I continue giving you some head,

once again sensing that he’s getting close,
as thrusting slows and his body tenses,
with grunts and spurts, his hot cum dispenses,
as own flesh trembles from orgasmic throes,

feeling him soften before he slips out,
straightening up, to sit down on your face,
and my pussy over your mouth does place,
what I want you to do, leave in no doubt,

letting lovers cream seep out over you,
so in taste of his cum, you can wallow,
as I tell you to clean up and swallow,
finally your fantasy has come true,

4 thoughts on “Cream

  1. This is part of my husband’s fantasy…ok, I think that it is part of my own, too!

    So beautiful is the imagery that you paint with your vocabulary! Delicious!



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