such a wonderful sight to start the day,
after days, when we lacked the time to play
naked silhouette, with your back to me,
washing yourself, beneath the shower’s spray.

head tilted back, I know that you can’t see,
as my curves of clothing, so quickly are free,
quietly opening screen and slipping inside,
pressing against you, from shoulders to knee.

your look of surprise, then smiling so wide,
as joy at me being there, you just can’t hide,
moulding my body against your warm back,
my fingertips, over your shoulders glide.

hardened nipples across your wet skin track,
hands sliding down arms, and fingers entwine,
my mouth, your neck does sensually attack,
as water flows down back, into bum’s crack,

taking soap and sponge, start washing your spine,
then slide them round, to expanse of your chest,
down your belly, following that hairy line,
to that throbbing hardness, which is all mine,

spinning you round, against the tiles you rest,
letting the water, wash the soap away,
slowly kissing, each dark puckering crest,
then kneeling, so mouth can do what it does best.

one hand with your slippery balls, does play,
whilst other wraps around your manly pole,
stroking, as between my lips head does lay,
as tip of my tongue, over crown does stray.

your tightening balls, I continue to roll,
taking girth of you between widening jaws,
hands on my head, the pace tries to control,
as probing finger teases tight rear hole.

that final touch, spurting does cause,
as your body suddenly shudders and tenses,
sucking mouth, every last drop from you draws,
having my own release, bringing on yours,


5 thoughts on “Showering

  1. I LOVE this!!! Nothing like a good shower together. Daddy and I are taking a mini-getaway this upcoming weekend and part of the reason we chose this particular house to rent is because of the shower in the master bath… I can’t wait! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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