i’m such a heavenly sight to your eyes,
bending over to pour oil into the bath,
and there between my slightly parted thighs,
our mingled juices seep, on a downward path.

pinning my wayward hair up into a bun,
exposing the back of my sculptured neck,
paler than other flesh exposed to the sun,
and where your sensual kisses, love to trek.

“joining me or just watching,” I inquire,
teasingly giving you that wicked smile,
stepping into bath with a grace you admire,
you quickly shed your robe, which falls in a pile.

shutting off the taps to the waterfall spout,
while a fog of steam envelopes my body.
you can smell the jasmine without a doubt,
as the steamed-up mirror becomes so cloudy.

getting in, sitting at the opposite end,
watching me relaxing with my eyes closed,
but noticing nipples perk and distend,
even though I seem serenely composed.

feeling familiar stirring at the crotch,
as my crimson nipples play peek-a-boo,
with surface of the water as you watch,
sight just makes your manhoood harden anew.

opening eyes, your mischievously smile,
then my cheeks flush ruddily with desire,
as your toe starts caressing with such guile,
and loins start filling with that liquid fire.

inspired by what my lover had done,
when she had toed me at the restaurant,
probing toe, imitates the sensual fun,
swollen folds and hardening clit, does taunt,

as big toe presses into me with ease,
and is dipped into a different fluid,
nail of other big toe does my clit tease,
and discovers it’s already turgid.

sliding forward and grinding against toe,
making it go even deeper into me,
hot liquid passion around it does flow,
as juices continue to run so free.

moaning a very deep guttural sound,
eyelids fluttering as I slowly close eyes,
and gyrating hips push forward my mound,
grinding myself upon toes between thighs.

my body arches out of the water,
nipples so hard and hurting with desire,
passions steadily rise without falter,
head falling back as flesh feels it’s on fire.

over that orgasmic crest finally soar,
visibly trembling from waves of pleasure,
radiating quickly from my heated core,
as I’m lost in that euphoric seizure.

when I become aware of things again,
there’s a lusty hungriness in my eyes,
know I have such an appetite for semen,
moving over to you and straddling your thighs.

one of my hands wraps around your erection,
and then guides you against my swollen lips,
entering my heat without much friction,
impaling myself by pressing down with hips.

pinching your nipples as you’re pinching mine,
and thrusting up to meet me pressing down,
our movements causing a sloshing waterline,
as deep within my body slides your crown.

riding your manhood gently at the start,
so not too much water ends up on floor,
and your fingertips a sensual path chart,
caressing my nipples just as I adore.

arching my breasts forward into your hands,
my sighs tell you, I like what you’re doing,
to the hard crests of my mammary glands,
for it is getting my juices brewing.

beginning to ride you a bit more fast,
as you take a nipple between your lips,
sliding up to top of your manly mast,
then pressing down urgently with my hips.

feeling nipple harden more in your mouth,
sucking upon it as your tongue teases,
as your other hand slides slowly down south,
till between my widespread thighs it eases.

you can feel my insides getting more wet,
as your thumb presses upon my hard clit,
and mouth at your breast continues to fret,
as upon my nipple your teeth gently bit.

pushing my mound towards your pressing thumb,
mouth alternating between those hard nipples,
sensing that I’m beginning to succumb,
and it’s not long till those orgasmic ripples.

grinding myself down hard upon your hardness,
as your other hand slides around my rear,
and eases a finger into that tightness,
as my teeth lightly nip lobe of your ear.

thrusting myself against you so urgently,
down upon hard manhood and probing digit,
against the thumb pressing clit constantly,
and hard sucking of tender flesh of tit.

feeling my heat flooding around your cock,
my screams greeting another orgasm,
as those clenching muscles around you lock,
making your hot cum spurt into my chasm.

once our passion has been utterly spent,
and over senses we regain control,
our eyes glisten because we’re so content,
knowing that we possess each other’s soul.




her whispered commands, only I can hear,
hitching my dress up, as high as I dare,
plump creamy thighs above stocking tops, bare,
sexy lace and mesh thong, which is so sheer,
disappointing her, only thing I fear,
that others in cafĂ© might see, really don’t care,
shifting uncomfortably in my chair,
caressing big toe draws ever near,
damp crotch of the thong, it brushes aside,
tormenting the throbbing bud of my aching clit,
then moves down to probe my moistened slit,
each slight touch, taking me closer to brink,
till lusty swell becomes an onrushing tide,
left gasping, with face a bright shade of pink.

And Husband Makes Three

moving closer until our knees were touching,
although intention obvious, not rushing,
your sexy passionate words, causing blushing,
hairs of my arm, your fingers gently brushing,

as you whisper, you want to make love to me,
then want your husband to join us and make three,
that your offer excites me, so very plain to see,
leaning in closer, your hand upon my knee,

lips touching to mine, for a slow tender kiss,
finding myself responding, to this moment of sheer bliss,
tongues tangling, as I fall into a sensual abyss,
for the yearnings you’ve awoken, just can’t dismiss.

as our tongues mate, your hand gently cups my breast,
thumb rubbing slowly, back and forth over hardening crest,
blouse undone, bra pushed up, bare breasts tenderly pressed,
first fingertips, then your mouth does my nipples molest,

with each gentle suck, I can feel my arousal growing,
from this very tender loving, you are bestowing,
and it feels like my juices are so freely flowing,
that my panties must be absolutely soaking,

wallowing in your sumptuous nipple play,
as your hand down my body, does slowly stray,
rummaging at crotch, leaving clothing in disarray,
as you push my skirt and moist panties out of the way,

burying your fingers deep into my hot, wet slit,
before they move up to my hard, extended clit,
moaning and sighing, as your fingers exquisitely flit,
how much I want your mouth there, loudly admit.

pulling my panties off and spreading my thighs,
then soon between them, your exploring mouth lies,
tongue delving as deep as it can, as my sweet nectar tries,
way you suck and lick my hard clit, something to prize.

your long fingers, my hot wet pussy furiously fucking,
your warm mouth, my sensitive clit wonderfully sucking,
my desperate hips, towards your beautiful face bucking,
that orgasmic moment, when my juices your mouth flooding.

moving up and your wet lips silence my contented moan,
commanding tongue demands surrender of my own,
as I finally realise that we are no longer alone,
for your husband has finally made his presence known.

stripping out of his clothes, as towards us does walk,
till naked and already aroused, with a massive fucking cock,
so huge that it indeed makes me gasp, with excited shock,
as he lays down beside me, and his lips on mine lock.

you fingering my cit, while your husband kisses me,
his fingers rolling my nipple, just adds to the glee,
feeling arousal growing again, degree by degree,
as he lifts my legs, till his shoulders are under my knee.

rubbing the head of his cock against my hard clit,
before slowly easing himself into sodden slit,
gazing deep into my eyes, as my flesh stretches to fit,
each slow sensual stroke, going deeper into my fiery pit.

both loving it, when I finally manage to take all of him,
that very manly length and girth, filling me the brim,
you watch his glistening cock, ease in and out of my quim,
as your probing finger, does my puckered rosette rim.

your mouth fastens upon my aching nipple, and sucks,
your husband’s large cock rams in hard and fast, as he fucks,
holding your head to my breast, as my body up to him bucks,
as your finger finds my clit, it feels orgasmically deluxe

your husband’s cum fills my pussy, to overflowing,
his hard frantic pounding of me, finally slowing,
as he pulls out, our mingled juices from my body flowing,
your tongue’s hungry cleaning, leaves me contentedly glowing.


Fully Filled

oily fingers prepare me for the task,
leaning over me, as I take your weight,
sudden pain as thick cock invades my arse,
feeling flesh stretching to accommodate,
whispered reassurances in my ear,
pulling back, before sliding deeper in,
until cock fully buried in my rear,
and grimace finally becomes a grin,
for the pleasure starts to outweigh the pain,
moaning and pressing back against your thighs,
in time to your movements, hips start to strain,
fingertip on my clit, expertly plies,
plunging your hardness into my tight hole,
each brutal drive met by hips urgent thrust,
merciless fucking, shows whose in control,
as pleading words, just encourage your lust,
bucking beneath you, filled with your hard flesh,
rubbing at clit, feeling orgasm build,
as beneath your body, mine starts to thresh,
pressing back at you, with arse fully filled,
your arms holding me, as arse grips so tight,
clenching and clasping, forcing you to cum,
spurt after spurt, in shared ecstatic height,
neither moving, till limp cock slips from bum.