attracted from that very first moment,
bewitched by those glistening hazel eyes,
captivated by every movement,
deliberately titillating me,
edging your dress up, higher and higher,
flashing the shaven junction of your thighs,
glistening lips, stating feelings mutual,
heaving luscious breasts, as breathing deepens,
innuendo in everything you say,
jiggle of your breasts, and sway of your hips,
keeps many yearning eyes, focused on you,
liquid heat filling loins, as fingers touch,
mouth at my ear, whispering sensually,
nipples hardening to prominent peaks,
opening lips, as we finally kiss,
parrying tongues, duelling for dominance,
questions answered, in the depths of your eyes.
racing up, to privacy of my suite,
snogging and fondling, stumbling through door,
teasingly stripping, slow and seductive,
unbuttoning and discarding silk blouse,
vaginal juices, so freely flowing,
wriggling out of tight jeans and damp thong,
x-rated thoughts, of what we’ll be doing,
yearning to see you, similarly naked,
zip slithers down, dress puddles at your feet.


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