taking my time, savouring his long, thick cock,
my head bobbing, in slow sensual rhythm,
knowing how it turns you on, to see me with him,
as your fingers around my aching nipple lock,

with your other hand massaging his heavy balls,
lowering your head, to share your husband’s cock,
your licks and kisses on the other side, mine mock,
making him groan, his hands on back of our heads falls,

watching your tongue, dancing across glistening tip,
leaning closer and tongues slither across each other,
as his swollen head, our teasing kisses smother,
and into each other’s mouths, occasionally slip,

pressing your lips around him, and I do the same,
sliding slowly down his length, then back up again,
his moans and thrusting hips, makes his enjoyment plain,
as our sliding lips and tongues, has his lust aflame,

my hand slides down back, giving your arse a squeeze,
then along plump, wet lips finding your swollen clit,
whimpering around his cock, as my fingers flit,
lowering head, so his balls I can suck and tease,

so deep into your mouth, you take his straining cock,
his hips jerking, knees shaking as he gets close,
thighs tremble against my hand, from your joyous throes,
as his thick cock muffles, your loud orgasmic squawk,

grabbing back of your head, to hold your mouth in place,
fingers of other hand, keep up their torturous strumming,
as he fucks your mouth frantically, on verge of cumming,
then he is spurting hard, with ecstasy etched upon his face,

out of the sides of your mouth, drools his thick white pus,
sucking harder, draining him in his moment of bliss,
then grabbing my face, to deliver hard, cum sharing kiss,
passing that sticky fluid back and forth, between us,

so engrossed in each other, that we fail to observe,
him leaving our side, to pour himself a scotch,
then settle comfortably in his armchair to watch,
us loving each other, without restraint or reserve.




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