Your Third


i’m all yours, submissive and meek,

as your tenderness, assuages all fear

fingers gently stroking my cheek,

tucking those loose strands behind the ear,

hair tumbling to breast’s hardened tips,

your gentle touch, engenders my sighs,

running your tongue, over your lips,

drowning in your dark, intense eyes,

as you pull my face towards yours,

softly brushing your lips upon mine,

my heartbeat and arousal soars,

as your husband kisses down my spine,

his hands cupping upon my breasts,

your sweet tongue and mine entwining,

as rough thumbs rasp over hard crests,

then my head towards his inclining.

his eager mouth captures my own,

as to my breasts, your lips descend,

his tongue and yours, just makes me groan,

between softness and hardness bend.

his hot, hard flesh presses behind,

firm fingers pulling my hips back,

your teeth upon my nipple grind,

my hands upon your soft thighs track,

your soft moans, so full of desire,

as my lips caress down your skin,

fingers probing your moist fire,

whilst his firm ones, delve deep within,

then once moist, tease that aching pearl,

stirring up such frenzied passion,

on your nipples, my tongue’s slow swirl,

lust growing in urgent fashion.

pulling me back, onto his cock,

plunging so deep inside of me,

my whole body burns from the shock,

your bright eyes so awash with glee.

just confirms you really don’t mind,

your husband’s glistening hardness,

sliding into me from behind,

leaning forward into your softness,

breathing over your moistened core,

thighs parting before my probing lips,

tongue reaches outward to explore,

grinding backwards on him with my hips.

fingers sliding into my hair,

pulling my face down to your aching need,

his fingers gripping where my hip’s flare,

as he slowly increases the speed.

lips and tongue teasing swollen clit,

between moans caused by his pounding,

he goes deeper into my slit,

such guttural groans are sounding.

lust and desire reaching fever pitch,

as our yearning flesh melds into one,

becomes hard to tell, which one ones which,

when joyous release has begun,

that explosion of liquid heat,

as my body clenches hard round him,

your orgasmic juices my treat,

feeling his hardness tensing within quim,

then flooding by his spurting release,

as our sighs, groans and moans are heard,

mingled juices seeping from my crease

so blessed you both chose me as your third.



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