sweat slicked and panting, from bliss we’ve been granting,
breasts pressing together, gazing lovingly at each other,
fondling my breasts, fingers pinching the crests,
mouth captures one nipple, while you caress other’s stipple,
alternating between them, as you probe below with your thumb,
exploring my hot, wet slit, till you find my stiffened clit,
your mouth continues sucking, your fingers have my hips bucking,
biting lips and closing eyes, surrendering to heat between thighs,
finger fucking my slit, whilst rubbing at my clit,
just as I feel body tensing, from loving you’re dispensing,
you stop and look up at me, and your impish smile I see,
raising your hand to my face, wet finger on my lips trace,
into my mouth sucking it, tasting the sweetness of my slit,
pulling your face towards mine, till once more our lips align,
kissing you with passionate need, before your kisses downward lead,
my aching flesh is on fire, my breasts heave with desire,
as you gently kiss down my belly, innards trembling like jelly,
legs parting for you, as those soft kisses strew,
your probing tongue’s tip, parts my pink, flushed lip
tongue darts in and out, fingering where clit does pout,
lifting legs and parting them, licking from pussy to bum,
gentle probing that rear hole, while fingertip does clit roll,
playing me like a maestro, as orgasmic urges grow,
your very sensual rimming, has my lusts overbrimming,
tongue flutters in my hole, as body loses control,
you continue loving me, as juices flow so free,
riding spasm after spasm, of multiple orgasm,
till I can’t take any more, for you to stop have to implore.

The Night Before

the morning after the night before,
head throbbing, body feeling so sore,
clothing scattered across the floor,
either side of me, people snore,
vaguely remember the dance floor,
swapping partners between us four,
kissing deeply, as hands did paw,
getting aroused, and wanting more,
staggering home, stumbling through door,
urgent stripping of the clothes we wore,
mouths and fingers that did explore,
night’s sensuality then did soar,
as I got what I’d been asking for,
your husband’s large cock in me did bore,
his lovemaking thrilled to the core,
hard and fast, just as I adore,
while your teeth upon my clit, did gnaw,
orgasmic urge, couldn’t ignore,
mingled juices from me did pour,
swapping back partners, for first encore,
then doubling up, pussy and arse did saw,
fucking me till I couldn’t take anymore,
both holes feeling abused and raw,
falling asleep against lush curves of your,
having indulged a little too much, once more.


furtively watching you from the bathroom door,
sight of you holding large, black cock, thrills me to the core,
surrounded by steam, standing under the shower,
head thrown back, enjoying the water’s stinging power,
reserve like clothes shed, no longer acting demurely,
thick fingers stroking yourself, slowly and surely,
sliding up the long, thick shaft, circling the head,
while fingers of other hand, through short black hair thread,
nipples tighten and harden into prominent peaks,
crossing my legs, sensing my arousal leaks,
watching your cock harden and grow, with every stroke,
such wanton thoughts your sensuous actions evoke,
slipping a hand inside blouse, cupping my heaving breast,
fingertips fastening upon already hard crest,
eyes fixed upon sliding hand, varying the tempo,
taking yourself to brink, then delaying crescendo,
watching your buttocks tensing, in time to your stroking,
my fingers sliding down, and into my jeans poking,
pressing the damp fabric of my panties inside,
fingertips over the hard pebble of my clit glide,
half closed eyes still fixated upon your hand and cock,
my rhythm matching your own, as hips start to rock,
pretending that it is your long fingers, not my own,
that are causing me to tremble and softly groan,
finally lifting my eyes, to look up at your face,
seeing you staring back at me, as both our fingers race,
grin, says you’re not the slightest put off by being caught,
hand stroking cock frantically, then your body goes taut,
large globules of your cum, spurting in my direction,
from tip of your very hard, twitching erection,
watching you cum so strongly, brings on my own orgasm,
closing my eyes, as you now watch me tremble and spasm.


always makes my body wet and needy,
seeing how aroused you are, through those pants,
that large outline which illustrates your wants,
watching you grow harder, makes me greedy,
flowing juices, getting pussy ready,
whipping it out, that massive manhood flaunts,
trailing your cock along my lips, just taunts,
when I want you to fuck me, already,
finally sliding in, stretching my flesh,
filling my depths, as deep it will go,
learning how hot and tight, my pussy feels,
pounding away, making my body thresh,
both savouring, as my convulsions grow,
till from exquisite spasm, body reels.


out for a night of drinking and wenching,
pent-up lust in need of a damn good quenching,
intimately dancing, hands buttocks clenching,
opening mouth, for passionate frenching,
finding panties, absolutely drenching,
as down the thighs, you’re urgently wrenching,
wanton lust for each other, again entrenching.

Mutual Need

lips trailing down back, finally reaching crack,
tongue flickering down cleft, proving it’s so deft,
teasing tight pink bud, making juices flood,
sensual tormentor, pressing to enter,
hand moves to my slit, finger rubs own clit,
straddling my hips, cock against bud hits,
dribble of lotion, applied with devotion,
both of us lubed up, as our bodies lineup,
pushing back with hips, as yours towards me dips,
feeling I’m so tight, as my bottom lip bite,
finger against clit tracks, till finally relax,
reaching back to guide, crown presses inside,
shaft slowly does pass, till buried in arse,
as I take it all, fingers the clit maul,
pulling out to tip, then forcefully dip,
hips lift to meet you, as my arse you screw,
so hot and so tight, exquisite delight,
harder and faster, proving you’re the master,
relentless hammering, till for release clamouring,
pressing hard one last time, then moment’s sublime,
satisfying mutual need, filling with copious seed,
collapsing on top, once my tremors stop.


limbs entwined, our bodies pressing,
each other tenderly caressing,
breathing harder, moaning gently,
moist lips meet and kiss intently,
tongue’s lusty sparring with other,
makes these feelings hard to smother,
kissing slowly down from your neck,
at stiffening nipples, softly peck,
nipping them gently with my teeth,
feeling you harden underneath,
smiling at you, while licking navel,
caresses around hips travel,
my tumbling hair tickles you,
as across belly does bestrew,
tongue runs up and down inner thighs,
erection grows before my eyes,
blowing gently along it’s length,
seems to make it harden in strength,
kneading your balls, whilst gripping base,
fingernail does throbbing vein trace.

carefully easing back foreskin,
before lowering head to begin,
glistening cum leaks from the slit,
lapping it up, my tongue does flit,
relishing the salty taste of you,
licking round head as more does spew,
massaging balls and stroking shaft,
before fingernail trails back aft,
sucking gently upon your tip,
before down throbbing length tongue slip,
taking balls in mouth, I suckle,
finger probes rear, to the knuckle,
slowly working my way back up,
once more heavy balls, fingers cup,
nibbling gently on knobbly glans,
caressing balls and shaft with both hands,
sucking you to the back of throat,
upon your hardness lovingly dote,
as head starts to bob up and down,
tongue swirls lustily over crown,.

giving you the pleasure you want,
know you’re close by the way you pant,
backing off, as I calm things down,
denied pleasure, you curse and frown,
letting arousal slightly wane,
before I start all over again,
slowly building tempo back up,
this time as you get near, no letup,
sucking harder and squeezing balls,
probing fingers tight anus mauls,
your hips arching towards my face,
while those strong hands hold it in place,
savouring each drop of your passion,
as you fill mouth in spurting fashion,
swallowing, trying not to gag,
until finally you start to flag,
rolling over with satisfied grin,
escaping cum dribbling down chin,
breathing heavily, as you recover,
as I move up, to kiss my lover.