punish me Master for I’ve been so very naughty,
reprimand me with your manner that’s stern and haughty,
order me to drape my nakedness across your lap,
so the cheeks of my bottom, can feel hand’s stinging slap,
let me lay over your lap, my body rudely posed,
puckered rosette to swollen lips, utterly exposed,
anticipation of waiting just makes me wetter,
for when it comes to punishment, there’s no one better,
let your hand slowly caress my curvaceous behind,
then slap my bottom hard, please don’t be gentle or kind,
before sting ebbs deliver next upon other cheek,
rain smacks down faster and harder, as my juices leak,
so that my large aching breasts swing wildly to and fro,
smack me my Master, till my cheeks have that reddish glow,
then let my burning behind feel your soothing caress,
and moist swollen lips explore before fingers ingress,
find out how fucking hot and wet your spanking makes me,
that when I’m so aroused all my inhibitions flee,
probe tightness of my bottom, with a moistened digit,
stroke your finger in and out of me, as I fidget,
then stretch my tightness even wider by using two,
make me lick myself from your fingers when you are through,
position me upon the bed on my hands and knees,
my yearning body is yours, to do with as you please,
so pummel me from behind with that rock hard penis,
as I try to smother my own orgasmic nearness,
explode deep in my depths, when to release you succumb,
only then give me permission to finally cum,
being a strict disciplinarian is your forte,
that is why tomorrow I will again be naughty.