nipples straining against pyjama top,
whilst bottoms are absolutely sodden,
knowing my body is craving release,
because this desire for you, just won’t stop,

in the privacy of my dreams and thoughts,
can at least pretend that you are mine,
as I slip out of this damp night attire,
sprawled on the bed, so wantonly disports,

eyes closed tightly, as my arousal soars,
luxuriating in masturbation,
as my mind conjures that you are right here,
and that the fingers caressing, are yours,

tracing from jaw, to hollow of my throat,
fingernails raking across collarbone,
in their wake, goosebumps raising on my skin,
on my shoulders and down my arms they float.

cupping the curves of my heaving breasts,
giving them attention they’re aching for,
squeezing, kneading and massaging them both,
index fingers circling hardening crests,

nipples grasped between forefingers and thumbs,
pretending pressure felt, are from your teeth,
waves of pleasure flow straight to my clit,
rolling them, and fingernail the top strums,

getting so close to coming, just from this,
but letting hands slide slowly down my flesh,
sliding over smooth mound, to fiery core,
adrift in my thoughts, as I reminisce,

over weeping furrow of my sex slide,
imagining that fingers are your tongue,
as it gathers the nectar that seeps out,
then slowly works its way deeper inside,

scooping out finger of juices that seep
raising up to my mouth, to taste my lust,
before caressing clit, with that wet finger,
while two fingers of other hand delve deep,

tormenting my throbbing and aching clit,
moaning and shuddering from the pleasure,
arching my sweaty flesh well off the bed,
three fingers pumping, in and out of slit.

as hips start jerking, bed springs start squeaking,
squelch of fingering my sopping pussy,
dreaming it’s you giving me pleasure,
runnels of my juices down thighs leaking.

tummy fluttering to frantic strumming,
as mind and fingers push me over edge,
flesh convulses violently in it’s throes,
pulsating ecstasy of such cumming.

sodden sheets, as hot juices freely vent,
body shuddering as my fingers thrust,
moaning your name, as tears run down my cheeks,
riding each new wave, till utterly spent.


the mere thought of you, makes those passions brew
as my thoughts wonder, so do hands wander,
on sheet covered breasts, over hardened crests,
downward to the thighs, heat which between lies,
pressing at wetness, feeling so breathless,
dragging off sheet, until clearing feet,
legs widely open, moist pink lips swollen,
scraping of nails, over skin trails,
skirts round the navel, up to breasts travel,
nails drawing circles, areola crinkles,
craving to be touched, yet actions not rushed,
my breasts gently knead, nipples ache from need,
tweak and harsh pinching, from the pain flinching,
one hand at breast stays, other to pussy strays,
though don’t know you’re there, can feel that you stare,
standing in doorway, watching as I play,
against doorjamb leans, hand down front of jeans,
opening legs wide, fingers dip inside,
letting you witness, as I spread my wetness,
flushed pussy daubing, clit hard and throbbing,
look you in the eye, for I hear your sigh,
as I suck wet fingers, your gaze on me lingers
love the taste and smell, turns you on as well,
watching me suck so slow, just makes your juices flow,
run them down to pussy, feeling like a hussy,
dipping between lips, as I raise my hips,
fingering my slit, palm pressing on clit,
stroking over my nub, as your fingertips rub,
our breathing quickens, as inner thigh slickens,
one finger becomes two, watching you pleasuring too,
then two becomes three, turned on by what we see,
my fingers pumping, my heart thumping,
thumb rubbing on clit, four fingers stretch slit,
faster and harder, orgasm looms larger,
our moans fill the air, at each other we stare,
hips arched off the bed, release just ahead,
fingers forced deeper, arousal climbs steeper,
watching your hand rubbing, feel like I’m flooding,
thumb at clit flicking, as juices trickling,
insides are quaking, body is shaking,
sweet smell of release, just wafts from my crease,
fingers and thumb slow, laze in afterglow,
watching you undress, sexiness does so impress,
as you move from door, I’m ready for more.


lost in your touch and my desire for you,
that yearning need, to have tenderness you bestow,
squirming as licks and kisses, make me mew
for your tongue descends, so teasingly slow.

leaving you in no doubt, as to my ache,
when your mouth hovers over the belly,
my fingers into your dark tresses snake,
as I feel my innards turn to jelly.

then I notice your teasing kisses stop,
just when I was hoping you’d get bolder,
my unfocused gaze down to your eyes drop,
tender no more, for now lust does smoulder,

holding my gaze, while tonguing my navel,
waiting for me to say, what I want next,
as if now trying to make me grovel,
having got my body, so oversexed.

your gaze holds mine, as it questioning me,
because for both of us, it’s all so new
what I want, should be obvious to see,
as should the things I want to do to you,

finally it’s you that breaks the impasse,
with a giggle, before your mouth does descend,
as your lifting hands, cup under my arse,
those licks and kisses sensually wend.

trying to hide, how much your touch unsettles,
as my hips writhe to the touch of your lips,
then fingers open those flushed plump, petals,
before my taut button, your tongue worships.

when my moaning sighs finally escape,
depth of yearning need no longer secret,
as your tongue does so torturously scrape,
till my pleading voice, begs you not to quit.

just before you take me over the edge,
your tongue delving in my font of hot lust,
and my evident arousal does dredge,
as wanton hips, towards your face do thrust.

rising up, your deep kiss silences pleas,
and allows me to taste my own essence,
within your soulful eyes, such delight sees,
at my own submissive acquiescence.

the look in your eye has me on fire,
and again, I completely lost in you,
lost in your love, your passion and desire,
for it all feels so beautiful and new.

Slowly awakening

head rests on your shoulder, your arm wrapped round me,
though it’s late, I’m not hurrying to get up,
for I want to savour, this intimacy,
as the curve of my warm hip, your fingers cup.

my shallow breathing, rustling hairs on your chest,
soft breast, flattened sensually against your side,
both half awake now, yet content just to rest,
fingers slowly caressing across backside.

light from the hallway casting sensual shadows,
sensing breathing deepening and flesh start stirring,
rubbing feet on your legs, to warm my cold toes,
snuggling myself back into your warmth, purring.

my fingers start to circle round your nipple,
it starts stiffening as does your morning glory,
as fingertips caress the bumpy stipple,
barely awake I caress you, con amore.

smiling mischievously against your broad chest,
knowing last night’s exhaustion has disappeared,
for your flesh rouses as my fingers molest,
my bright expectant eyes up into yours, peered.

suddenly rolling over, you move with me,
knowing I like it like that, in the morning,
wrapping your body round me, as your lust grew,
wriggling my backside against it, in greeting.

hands gently cup the fullness of heaving breasts,
on hardening nipples, your fingers tweaking,
against my pliant behind, your hardness rests,
upon my nether lips, morning dew leaking.

your morning glory meets my hangover horn,
crown of your arousal, parting swollen lips,
Into my hot, wet tightness you’re slowly drawn,
as I press back against you with languid hips.

until trim hairs are pressed against my buttock,
resting, with you buried in me, barely moving
your fingers drawing circles on my stomach
my own fingers, the hairs of your arm stroking.

finally bodies start moving to and fro,
nearly pulling out, then sliding slowly back in,
movements extremely deliberate and slow,
seeping juices does lips and hard shaft sequin.

there’s almost soothing feeling to our coupling,
so unhurried and languorous our movements,
that soft sensual slurp of our bodies meeting,
as lust slowly ascends orgasmic gradients.

gently holding curve of my hip, as we make love,
watching your hard flesh, slowly sliding in and out,
my hips push backwards, as into me you shove,
that our bodies suit each other, beyond doubt.

my fingers caress at junction of my thighs,
as your thumb gently rubs that puckered rosette,
bedroom starts to echo with our laboured sighs,
fingertips on hard, yearning nub expertly fret.

convulsing muscular spasms drawing you deep,
as that first orgasmic wave ripples from core,
juices round buried flesh, so liberally seep,
our bodies start moving faster than before.

thrusting into my heat with increasing force,
my hips pushing backward far more desperately,
things become more urgent with our intercourse,
my voice orders you on, so immoderately.

this time clenching spasm, makes you come as well,
quivering flesh, milking you of your essence,
feeling you harden inside and your flesh swell,
hot seed merging with my own deliquescence.

staying buried inside, while I still quiver,
your lips softly kissing flushed flesh of my cheek,
juices freely flowing out, like a river,
as my hand reaches behind and for yours does seek

fingers entwined, flesh still joined on sodden sheets,
softly whispering, that you don’t want me to go,
remaining locked as we are, passion reheats,
as within my flesh, your hardness starts to regrow.