On hands and knees

the door swings in the breeze,
and my welcome agrees,
down on my hands and knees,

not even wearing a chemise
submissive posture does tease,

body waiting to please,

sumptuous curves to squeeze,

such arousal the eye sees,

on plump, pink lips I tweeze,

shedding those dungarees,
your rampant manhood frees,

rough hands wanton hips seize,

into wet heat does ease,
ragged breathing does wheeze,
hard, firm stroke guarantees,
that my lust you’ll soon appease,
as you answer my pleas.


Such Bliss

exploring flesh, desired so much
caressing, kissing heaving breasts,
nipples hardening to the touch,
sucking hard upon, pouting crests,

move from one breast, to the other,
nibble and tug, as fingers roam,
teeth gnaws nipple, groan does smother,
as her fingers, my tresses comb,

soft underflesh, sucked till bruises,
she writhes beneath, and grasps my head,
over stomach, soft kiss cruises,
as I go down, her thighs widespread,

from moans and sighs, knows what pleases,
as my lips float, over her flesh,
down her firm thighs, panties eases,
in removing, the sodden mesh,

between thighs, inhaling her scent,
for first time, examining folds,
swollen and moist, hair is absent,
such lusciousness, rarely beholds,

parting her lips, lowering tongue,
tasting juices, sweet and piquant,
licking from clit, which from hood sprung,
down to the rear, slightly pungent,

holding my head, as hips gyrate,
teasing her clit, with tongue and teeth,
fingers curling, g-spot locate,
such tender love, she squirms beneath,

breathing labored, fast approaching,
tongue’s fast swirling, fingers rubbing,
between the cheeks, thumb encroaching,
upon her nub, my teeth grinding,

shiver and quake, yelling my name,
knows she’s coming, as juices gush,
with arching neck, finally came,
pallid skin did ruddily flush,

as tongue licks round, seeking moisture,
finding each drop, lapping them up,
as she quivers, from her pleasure,
her hands on breasts, so sorely cup,

slithering up, gently kiss face,
on her red lips, and then her nose,
upon eyelids, on forehead trace,
as she comes down, from joyous throes,

holding her close, being soothing,
brushing away, stray sweaty hairs,
while whispering, a sweet nothing,
such bliss in eye, that someone cares,

Under the desk

under your desk, out of sight of everyone,
your cock hardening, despite your protests,
running tongue round head, as pants are undone,
making you loudly moan, with my mouth’s finesse.

licking and sucking on your shaven balls,
sliding tongue along throbbing vein on underside,
before little seeping slit, tip of tongue mauls,
taking in your hard fullness, my mouth opens wide.

sucking on your cock, while with your balls I play,
stopping for moment, when someone walks in the room,
“what can I do for you”, hear you stutteringly say,
sucking on your cock slowly again, as I resume.

hearing your assistant ask about for some reports,
oblivious to what’s going on, under the desktop,
and massive erection, sticking out of your shorts,
your assistant and you, for a minute talk shop.

before you finally, manage to get rid of her,
so you can enjoy the pleasure of my bobbing head,
and orgasmic release that is about to occur,
your grasping fingers into my gypsy tresses thread.

managing to take your massive load, without gagging,
as the inside of my mouth, your hot cum does coat,
carry on sucking until erection starts flagging,
loving taste, as cum slides across tongue and down throat.

your face is so flushed when you help me to rise,
and I walk past your assistant’s desk with a wide grin,
enjoying her expression of shock and surprise,
as I wipe an errant strand of cum from my chin.


is it any wonder, that I fancied him,
as a man, he was everything you weren’t,
caramel skin, deliciously sunburnt,
though older, body so well toned and trim,
deep, rich sonorous voice, which moistens my quim,
exquisite foreplay, that has my body all turnt,
ardent lovemaking, so refined and learnt,
with long, thick cock, which fills me to brim,
finally lover who can keep me satisfied,
so domineering, and yet so gentle,
happily submit to such mastery,
you knowing, doesn’t seem to dent your pride,
approving, rather than being judgemental,
that you’re submissive, now not a mystery.

You and your best friend

pussy tightening around your thick shaft,
as my mouth swallows your best friend’s cock whole,
demonstrating my tongue’s sensual craft,
as it swirls around and around his pole,
grinding myself harder against your thrust,
feeling stretch and fullness of every thick inch,
hands reaching out to cup upon my bust,
fingers those hardening dark nipples pinch,
head bobbing in time to the lunge of his hips,
own hips rise and gyrate to thrust of yours,
relishing the taste of his oozing drips,
as two of you pound both ends without pause,
you filling pussy, him fucking my face,
both of you thrusting harder and deeper,
as urgency for release, gathers pace,
we’re all overwhelmed by this sensual fever,
filling my mouth, as cum splatters my throat,
feeling you harden as I hear your groans,
spamming as your hot cum, my insides coat,
and our juices mingle as do our moans.


atmosphere very romantic and magical,
champagne and cognac having made us whimsical,
enthralled by the beauty of the city at night,
your manly arms wrapped around me, holding me tight,
from your attentiveness and alcohol all aglow,
to Sinatra’s soft crooning, swaying to and fro,
your warm lips by my ear, whispering endearments,

feeling your ardour rising, through our thin garments,

the silk of your boxer and the lace of my robe,

warming of your breath, washing upon my earlobe,

that sensual scent of my favourite cologne,

pressing buttocks back against hardness that’s grown.
fingers fumbling, undoing the knot of my belt,
before your caress upon bare stomach is felt,

leaning backward against your masculinity,

robe open, displaying my lush feminity,

your arms around me, hands still upon my stomach,

swaying against erection prodding my buttock,

lightly brushing fingers, through hairs on your forearms,

closing the eyes, submitting to the night’s charms,

as the fingertips of one hand, caress upward,

the caress of your other hand, wanders downward,
stroking fingertips, such tenderness did impart,

pushing sides of my robe, even further apart.

until exposed breasts, into waiting tingers spill,
over curve of heaving breasts, your touch is a thrill,

upon smooth pubic mound, caress is like fire,

as my innards dissolve into liquid desire,

circling slowly round that pouting left nipple,

just where darker aureole does the skin stipple,

as other fingers explore those plump swollen lips,
between finger and thumb, nipple squeezingly grips,

rolling, twisting, tweaking, varying the pressure,
fingers poking my wetness adds to the pleasure,

with teeth gently nibbling upon the neck and lobe,

from quivering shoulders, slipping off my lace robe,

momentarily pulling apart from embrace, 

to permit passage of downward slithering lace,

and removal of your unwanted underwear,
knowing that neighbours can see, but don’t really care.
leaning forward to place my hands against the glass,
presenting myself to you, by wriggle my arse,
monetarily that stiffness prods the wrong hole,
so reaching behind, grasping your tumescent pole,

and guide the head of your cock, between my moist lips,
as my shoulders you grip, slowly deeper in slips,

till your coarse pubic bush, presses against my skin,

nearly withdrawing and then sliding fully in.

slowly building up pace, till you’re pounding away,

bouncing off my body, so these plump breasts do sway,
stretching and filling my chasm, slaking your lust,

trying to press backwards, to meet each powerful thrust,
feeling your taut testicles bouncing off my flank,

your hand slipping to nipple to twistingly yank,

supporting with one hand, my other slides to my clit,

upon swollen node, fingers flickeringly flit,
clasping muscles massaging your firm thrusting penis,

as it strokes in and out of that heated wetness,
swelling as it gets, thicker, firmer and longer,

and your thrusting becomes, rhythmically stronger, 

suddenly stopping as body goes rigid,

and my muscles grip, along that shaft so turgid, 

before I feel your release, spurting deep inside,
that I’ve not come yet, disappointment hide,
fingers keep flickering over sensitive node,

till with you still inside, feel ready to explode,
start quivering, as my fingers frantically plies,

and mingled juices, slowly seep out down the thighs,
as waves of my release, fill my body with glee,
and contracting muscles, forces flaccid cock free,
your manly arms wrapping around, holding me tight,
enthralled by the beauty of the city at night.