such a wonderful sight to start the day,
after days, when we lacked the time to play
naked silhouette, with your back to me,
washing yourself, beneath the shower’s spray.

head tilted back, I know that you can’t see,
as my curves of clothing, so quickly are free,
quietly opening screen and slipping inside,
pressing against you, from shoulders to knee.

your look of surprise, then smiling so wide,
as joy at me being there, you just can’t hide,
moulding my body against your warm back,
my fingertips, over your shoulders glide.

hardened nipples across your wet skin track,
hands sliding down arms, and fingers entwine,
my mouth, your neck does sensually attack,
as water flows down back, into bum’s crack,

taking soap and sponge, start washing your spine,
then slide them round, to expanse of your chest,
down your belly, following that hairy line,
to that throbbing hardness, which is all mine,

spinning you round, against the tiles you rest,
letting the water, wash the soap away,
slowly kissing, each dark puckering crest,
then kneeling, so mouth can do what it does best.

one hand with your slippery balls, does play,
whilst other wraps around your manly pole,
stroking, as between my lips head does lay,
as tip of my tongue, over crown does stray.

your tightening balls, I continue to roll,
taking girth of you between widening jaws,
hands on my head, the pace tries to control,
as probing finger teases tight rear hole.

that final touch, spurting does cause,
as your body suddenly shudders and tenses,
sucking mouth, every last drop from you draws,
having my own release, bringing on yours,



warmth of your two bodies, enveloping,
his hardness in front, your softness behind,
the night, now so sensually developing,
for we all know, what’s on each other’s mind,
thumbs stroking temples, lips tenderly press,
brushing hair aside, exposing my neck,
fragile target, for your gentle caress,
your soft lips touch there, with a slow wet peck,

fingertips tugging at my dress’s zip,
cool air kisses skin as the back opens,
deft caresses, push it down over hip,
passionate kiss with your husband deepens,
your fingernail trailing slowly down spine,
now I’m left wearing only my sheer bra,
turning me round, your kiss equally divine,
as husband strips for our mΓ©nage-a-trois,

tongues tangle, fingers thread into my hair,
caressing off the thin straps of your dress,
as we kiss, your curvaceous body I bare,
lust for your beauty, so hard to suppress,
when I break kiss, step back to admire,
watching nipples, tighten under my gaze,
my thumbs on your hard nubs, stokes the fire,
husband removing my bra, just fuels blaze,

naked upon rug, thighs straddling his face,
in passionate kiss, our hungry lips lock
wet, swollen folds, on which his tongue does trace,
as your hips rise and fall, on his hard cock,
moaning into each other’s mouths, as we kiss,
his thrusting cock and tongue set about their task,
taking us to that supreme moment of bliss,
cupping buttocks, squeezing your bouncing arse,

your tongue in my mouth, his buried between lips,
all of us lost in moment and each other,
slamming down hard on him, with force of your hips,
grateful you two, chose me as your lover,
everything’s so fast, becoming a blur,
motions getting so desperate and frantic,
till needed orgasms eventually occur,
holding on tight, in the sumptuous magic.

Juices freely flow

juices freely flow, at the merest thought,
of stinging buttocks, with that very rosy glow,
when at disobeying orders, I get caught,
juices freely flow.

bent over your knee, every bit of me on show,
as that painful lesson, so lovingly is taught,
counting aloud, each and every painful blow.

tender caresses calm, as I become overwrought,
hard flesh ploughs exquisitely to and fro,
for you give me pain and pleasure, that I sought,
juices freely flow.



tumbling through door,
lips locked in impassioned kiss,
hands at clothing paw,

button by button,
the slithering of some zips,
out of clothing strips,

sucking teat in mouth,
sliding hands around your hips,
touching swollen lips,

sliding to and fro,
curling fingers buried deep,
bliss thumb does bestow,

upon nub does ply
rubbing upon pressing thigh,
slick with my essence.

pulling against teeth,
as they tug upon nipple,
harsher and harsher,

fingers plunging in,
grinding against thrusting knee,
release does begin.

my name on your lips,
as your nectar gushes on,
hand between your hips,

collapsing on you,
quivering from each spasm,
as they rumble through,

much needed quickie,
dressing with grins on faces,
and fingers sticky.



how turned on you are, no longer disguise,
totally nude, stroking your erection,
as I kiss another with affection,
and fantasy unfolds before your eyes,

he asks “you don’t mind if I fuck your wife.”
you respond by just saying, “be my guest.”
last of my clothing, so quickly divest,
as erotism of moment so rife.

kissing my nipples, whilst fingering me,
before moving down, and using his tongue,
grazing across clit, from hood newly sprung,
how worked up he has me, know you can see,

moaning as he eats me out eagerly,
thighs tightening round head, as body tenses,
climaxing hard, as I lose my senses,
stunned how he made me come, so easily

trembling, as he moves into position,
his thick, hard cock lining up like a cue,
you move beside us, for a better view,
savouring scene, without inhibition,

crown spreads me, then cock slides all the way in,
moaning, as he starts to fuck me so hard,
enraptured, your presence I disregard,
relishing stretch of such fullness within,

sense him getting close, just before he stops,
then orders you to lie down on the bed,
before telling me, to straddle your head,
bending forward, your cock into mouth pops,

watching from inches, as we go again,
his thick, long cock, pummelling from behind,
while sucking yours, upon your face I grind,
till your licking tongue, against clit does strain,

his heavy balls bumping against your forehead,
your tongue occasionally, licking along,
length of his glistening hard, thrusting schlong,
as I continue giving you some head,

once again sensing that he’s getting close,
as thrusting slows and his body tenses,
with grunts and spurts, his hot cum dispenses,
as own flesh trembles from orgasmic throes,

feeling him soften before he slips out,
straightening up, to sit down on your face,
and my pussy over your mouth does place,
what I want you to do, leave in no doubt,

letting lovers cream seep out over you,
so in taste of his cum, you can wallow,
as I tell you to clean up and swallow,
finally your fantasy has come true,


your lips between my thighs, where passionate kisses trace,
as my warm mouth slowly envelops your hardness,
hands gripping your hips, holding you to my face,
hardened nipples, scraping through belly’s hair softness.

intoxicating aroma of my perfume and arousal,
greeting your nose, as tongue explores my flushed, crinkled slit,
crown of your hard cock, tip of my tongue does trouble,
as it matches your tongue caressing my aching clit.

thick cock deep within my mouth, stifling my moan,
your tongue dipping inside, as juices moisten your face,
lost in each other, flesh becomes one large erogenous zone,
each struggling to match the other’s wanton pace.

wanting you to fill my mouth, with your spurting seed,
while you want me to flood your face with my cum,
my clit between your teeth, mouth sucking hard on my need,
squeezing your balls, while fingering your bum.

as you start spurting your warm cum down my throat,
climax matching yours, walls tighten around your fingers,
my hot spraying juices, your pressing face does coat,
as your attentive mouth against my pussy lingers.

swallowing what I can, as the rest down my chin leaks,
before finally we shuffle round, into each others arms,
kissing and tasting own cum, as your tongue mine seeks,
cock slipping into me, as you once more savour my charms.

Open for inspection.

eager to please, needing no persuasion,
submitting myself for your inspection,
raising the knees, holding my legs open,
though embarrassed, having no objection,
showing you, all that you already own,
from dark puckered rosette to moist, pink lips,
over flat stomach, bejewelled with gemstone,
to soft heaving breasts, with hard scarlet tips,
angelic face with my insolent eyes,
that meets your gaze, and more than eggs you on,
as you stare up at me, through my splayed thighs,
so worthy of lavishing love upon.

your soft hands, running up the back of my thighs,
which still bear the pink imprints of your hand,
soft massage you give them, brings on my sighs,
easing the pain of receiving your brand,
once more I bend over, at your behest,
and your hand takes a firm hold of my plait,
though I know what’s coming, still don’t protest,
as swinging hand hits round cheek, hard and flat,
then lifts to smack hard, again and again,
my large breasts, wobbling in time to each blow,
as I close eyes to savour the pain,
until both my cheeks, so rosily glow.

my sleek, seeping juices glisten at you,
as you stop spanking, to caress the hurts,
laying down, my wet folds from inches you view,
feeling the heat, my punished flesh exerts,
as you kiss the reddened cheeks, so gently,
breathing in the heady musk of my scent
examining my flushed sex, intently,
amazed I can get so wet from your torment,
as you tenderly spread, plump outer lips,
to gaze at soft, pink moistness of my core,
your mouth and tongue, exquisitely worships,
as you savour that sweet nectar once more.