Dancing Intimately

dancing intimately with your husband,
thigh caressing obvious arousal,
unfettered breast cupped in palm of his hand,
all enjoying this drunken carousal,
as you and my husband, smooch beside us,
your lips by his ear, whispering come-on,
before against his lips, tenderly buss,
sight of you two kissing, just spurs us on,

as his mouth finds mine, and sly tongues wrestle,
wantonly grinding against his hard length,
my needy body against his does nestle,
ardency of our kissing growing in strength,
feeling dampness spreading between my thighs,
when my eyes open again, they find yours,
joyous mischievousness, you can’t disguise,
as the sensualness of the night soars

eyes locked upon mine, you slide off his shirt,
taking our daring game to the next level,
as his hands slide upward, under your skirt,
in his deft caresses, you so obviously revel,
stripping off my blouse, and your husband’s top,
squashing bare breasts, firmly against manly chest,
letting his fingers, studs of my jeans pop,
watching as you, your cami and bra divest,

fondling your husband’s rock hard erection,
his hand on my breast, other down my jeans,
kissing with tenderness and affection,
as you against my husband, seductively leans,
pushing jeans and boxers, down past his hips,
grabbing his cock, as they puddle round his feet,
as he, your unwanted skirt and damp thong strips,
pent-up lust for each other, no longer discreet.

so aroused, watching you kneel before my man,
your husband and I, hurriedly getting naked,
pleased everything has gone, according to plan,
his ardent passion, making me feel so wanted,
seeing your blonde hair, bobbing up and down,
kissing slowly down, till down on my knee falls,
licking the thick shaft, engulfing the crown,
as my palm cups, those heavy, undulating balls.

groans of our husbands, echo round the room,
as skillful mouths and tongues, pleasure their schlong,
relishing the first time, with the other’s groom,
everyone so excited, know this won’t take long
head bobbing furiously to meet his hips thrust,
feeling his balls tighten, as his hardness grows,
his body going rigid, in urgent climax of lust,
cum splattering throat, in his orgasmic throes.

squeezing his balls, as I try to swallow it all,
looking over to you, still pleasuring my husband,
watching your head’s rhythmic rise and fall,
your blonde ponytail, gripped tightly in his hand,
seeing his buttocks clench, when he starts to cum,
those red lips closing round his cock, as he spurts,
nails biting into flesh, as your hands grip his bum,
milking him dry, with the pleasure your mouth exerts.

crawling over to me, as our two spent men rest,
stray dollops of cum, glistening on your chin
and what’s on your mind, is so easily guessed,
from lust in your eyes and your seductive grin,
pulling me to you, so our naked bodies press,
licking tongues, cleaning up each other’s faces,
as husbands watch, passionately kiss and caress,
before your tongue down to my pussy traces.


long held inhibitions finally overcome,
as your lips close round another man’s cock,
tasting my sweet juices and my lover’s cum,
my fingers round your own rigid length lock,
stroking your cock gently, urging you on,
to take his inches further down your throat,
up and down his thick shaft, mouth sucks upon,
and your saliva does that bulbous head coat,
his hips thrust, your head bobs, as pace picks up,
making him moan with your new found technique,
your palm, his heavy undulating balls cup,
fingertips back towards his arse slowly sneak.
as my fingers continue to stroke up and down,
my other hand eases the ache down south,
in the sensuality of the moment we drown,
as his cock slides faster in and out your mouth,
and you suck harder as he starts to unload,
till cum leaks from lips and dribbles down your chin,
your throbbing cock over my fingers does explode,
and my own sumptuous orgasm starts to begin,


rolling me over, positioning me on all fours,

lightly spanking my bottom until passion soars,

then my shoulders slump, till head rests on the pillow,

presenting moist sex, for carnal peccadillo,

feeling movement, as you position yourself on bed,

then my moist swollen lips, your arousal does spread,

pushing back, as you slowly slide into my heat,

those sleek muscles tightly squeeze, as ardour they greet,

withdrawing just a little, then pushing back in,

at a leisurely, sensual pace to begin,

as your hips bounce against my curvaceous bottom,

thumbs soft caress, at puckered rosette is welcome,

and large aching breasts, sway to sensual rhythm,

as that hardness, plunges deep into my chasm.

pushing back, against the thumb’s probing insistence,

and tight muscle slowly gives up, it’s resistance,

until finally, allowing the thumb to pass,

and it edges bit by bit, into my tight arse,

reaching back between my splayed thighs, finding clit,

my inner thighs flooded, by a leaking rivulet,

as your cock strokes in and out at a steady pace,

my fingers upon taut clit, caressingly trace,

and thumb in the arse, adds to feelings of fullness,

as I feel myself flooded, by growing wetness,

in sea of sensuousness, so gladly wallow,

as my face is pressed firmly, into the pillow,

knowing this time, there’s no urgency for release,

content to let my arousal, slowly increase.

within the tightness of my arse, your thumb rotates,

and the yearning in my loins, slowly concentrates,

gradually picking up the pace of our coupling,

and the room resounds with the sounds of our fucking,

knowing that my orgasmic dam, is ready to burst,

as telltale rippling tremors, through flesh are dispersed,

then all of a sudden, the body goes rigid,

muscles clenching at cock and thumb, as I squirt liquid,

then senses drown, in shuddering euphoria,

as my honeyed juices, gush from the labia,

when second one rips through, much more powerfully,

my clasping muscles milking you, very lustfully,

deep in my depths, the final drop from you is wrung,

in the moment that bodies, hearts and souls are one.

Skin Upon Skin

loud rhythmic slapping of skin upon skin,
echoed in the raggedness of breathing,
as your firm flesh slides ever deeper in,
I dictate terms of this sensual sheathing,

impaling myself hard every time,
breasts wobbling as my buttocks hit your thighs,
sweat dripping freely, as exertions climb,
both of us striving for those sensual highs.

flesh aching, unable to get enough,
bringing myself down even harder still,
urgently scaling that orgasmic bluff,
using your body with such practised skill.

not holding back those waves of throbbing bliss,
ravaging you in my licentious want,
satiating my lust, so totally shameless,
senses melting, in desire’s molten font.

riding so hard, panting and desperate,
barely able to take breath, anymore,
praying that just this once, you’ll manage to wait,
until euphoric words, from my mouth pour.

when that dam of pleasure, finally burst,
clamping down, as spasms ripple through flesh,
briefly sating, that unquenchable thirst,
grinning down at you, then moving afresh.

Burning Need

capturing my trembling lips,
with such a sensuous kiss,
making my desperate hips,
rub against you, so shameless,
with desire to have you inside,
well aware of that growing heat
of the lust neither can hide,
touches growing indiscreet,
caressing between parted thighs,
sliding underneath my skirt,
to where sodden underwear lies,
your fingers are so expert.

finding the wet heat of my core,
as I buck against your hand,
from burning need I just can’t ignore,
then grasping panties waistband,
tugging them all the way off,
positioned between my thighs,
your hardness against my wet trough,
gazing deeply into eyes,
as breathing becomes ragged,
and need overwhelms everything,
thrusting deep and hurried,
giving me, what I’ve been craving.

such hard pounding of my quim,
moans growing ever urgent,
as you fill me to the brim,
and I’m lost in the moment.
pleasure of your firm thrusting,
stretching as I take your size,
those tidal waves onrushing,
innards seems to liquidize,
as both reach the precipice,
quaking in joyous release,
filled by your spurting hardness,
achieving that mutual peace.

Returning The Favour

as my sleek tongue into your mouth does dance,
lingering tang of my own passion does taste,
hand down towards your hardness does advance,
caresses glide, slowly down to your waist,
before slender fingers, that hard shaft grips,
breaking our kiss to kneel down before you,
wanting that hardness between my red lips,
to feast on it’s throbbing hardness, anew,

trailing my lips up and down the firmness,
the passage of my tongue, makes your blood boil,
wrapping my lips around the head’s smoothness,
as my fingers around that thick shaft, coil,
sucking slowly and gently, in no rush,
oral attentions making you tremble,
also gets to me, for my skin does flush,
your fingers through my lush hair, do scramble.

sensual assault of mouth, makes you sigh,
my hand cupping your balls, massaging them,
velvety slick tongue, so wantonly spry,
as my mouth makes love, to your hardened stem,
trailing downward till I suckle on balls,
first one then the other, driving you crazy,
then my loving mouth back up your shaft crawls,
making you even harder, so easily.

stroking your girth, as I suck on the head,
and my sucking mouth, feels the hardness throb,
your fingers tightly in my hair, do thread,
as faster and faster, my head does bob,
feeling your balls, tighten in their sacks,
knowing you’re so close to an orgasm,
bobbing up and down, my mouth never slacks,
hardening even more, on brink of your spasm.

nearly gagging, as your seed starts to gush,
as it fills mouth, having my own small climax,
enjoying taste, swallowing each onrush,
pulling me up, as hardness starts to relax,
your strong arms take me in tender embrace,
seeing that contented look in your eyes,
and the joyful smile that graces your face,
when we give each other such orgasmic highs.


eyes closed, as if savouring the heat of the hot tub,
legs stretched casually towards you, on the other side,
toes searching for arousal, that churning bubbles hide,
didn’t take long before across your hard flesh did rub.

teasingly smiling, giving you a foot-job,
knowing I’ve achieved that alfresco seduction,
my lewd actions, now beyond misconstruction,
pleased with just how much, I make you achingly throb.

slowly extending your own legs, across the divide,
lifting my feet away from you and spreading my thighs,
as your big toe touches my lips, responding with soft sighs,
over my silky smoothness, your probing toe does glide,

unhurriedly massaging my flesh, with both big toes,
breathing quickens and deepens, as you leisurely shove,
left toe into sleek heat, while right circles just above,
arching my neck back, as yearning for release grows.

suddenly clamping thighs shut, when spasm rocks my core,
hands gripping your feet, as more convulsions ripple through,
deep into my flooding heat, your big toe does screw,
as my screams of release, compete with the bubbles roar.