The Beach Box


the grey skies had been threatening all day,

to release wrath upon Port Phillip Bay,

first drops caught us jogging along the beach,

before shelter of our beach box could we reach.


undoing padlocks before full force hits,

taking cover just before it plummets,

watching rain sweep in through the open doors,

heavy hammering on roof, as rain pours.


pulling your wet t-shirt over the head,

dropping upon wooden floor of the shed

feeling my sleek tongue trace round your navel,

once more those lusty impulses spiral.


grabbing your arm, pulling you towards me,

kissing your skin, you’re salty like the sea,

as my kisses rain down upon your chest

and eventually your nipples molest.


your breathing turns shallow, your knees feel weak,

my mouth enthrals with passionate technique,

sound of the rain is almost deafening,

as your manly ardour is strengthening.


stripping clothes, our passion matches the storm,

over my naked curves eager hands swarm,

as we tumble towards back of shed,

using beach towels as our makeshift bed,


biting and sucking nipples, feels so divine,

till both of them did glisteningly shine,

slowly kissing downward to my bare mound,

as rain on the tin roof, continues to pound.


my hands grip your head, as mouth covers slit,

parting those plump lips, finding that hard clit,

sucking and teasing, as my hips gyrate,

fingers pumping into me, at a fast rate.


wild guttural screams downed out by tempest,

and my language anything but modest,

as body tightens, then shakes in release,

then tightens again, as waves do increase.


lifting me up after I recover,

your hard body does my softness cover,

burying yourself in me to the hilt.

as even more of my juices are spilt.


slapping of flesh matches pounding of rain,

as my nails dig in your flesh and give pain,

passion builds as we vary the tempo,

pounding hard and fast, then stroking soft and slow.


your strong dark arms, supporting my splayed knees,

the rain upon the roof, drowning my pleas,

my back scraping against hard wooden walls,

with each thrust, my body rises and falls.


our mouths press and kiss with such urgency,

as my tremors increase their frequency,

and tight muscles round your cock convulses,

causing your seed to release in pulses.


holding on, as we just listen to the rain,

as control over our senses regain,

only as you slip out, once you soften

do we remember the doors are still open.

Dangerous Compulsion

as my fingers grasp the waistband, you close your eyes,
lifting bottom, to allow me to slowly peel,
that last scrap of sodden lace, down trembling thighs,
till your moist womanhood, no longer does conceal,
your lips are tender but your mouth is demanding,
as it meets mine and tongues wrestle with abandon,
surrendering to lusts, which are so commanding,
for us, passion is a dangerous compulsion,
licking to the sensitive, soft hollow of your throat,
moaning , as I gently suck upon your flesh there,
sighing, as my kisses upon you again float,
brushing soft flesh, alabaster in moonlight’s glare.

shoulders and upper chest, I explore at leisure,
before kissing upon slope of your heaving breast,
whimpering softly from the sensual pleasure,
as my lips draw circles around each hardened crest,
squirming, when I nibble one and pinch the other,
arching your back to offer yourself to my lips,
sucking deeply upon you, more moans you smother,
gnawing gently on those sensitive, aching tips,
taking my time, before moving to your stomach,
lifting and resting your legs upon my shoulders,
hips gyrating, as my hands cup upon buttock,
kissing so near where your liquid passion smoulders.

lips tracing on you with deliberate slowness,
brushing so softly upon your glistening lips,
teeth grazing and mouth sucking with such tenderness,
savouring your sweet nectar, from those seeping drips,
for moist flow of your passion, has become a flood,
into which my tongue delves deep, lapping and licking,
my thumb rubbing upon swelling, sensitive bud,
to my tempo, your hips rhythmically bucking,
feeling the tremors of your orgasm building,
so don’t cease my attentions, as tongue presses deep,
thumb rubs even faster, you start loudly pleading,
till through trembling flesh, that orgasm does sweep.

the smile of contentment, that graces your flushed face,
as you still quiver from those little aftershocks,
upon your forehead, my kisses tenderly trace,
and my fingers comb through now damp auburn locks,
till eventually your eyelids flutter open,
and your arm encircles my neck, pulling me close,
kissing lovingly, until our passions strengthen,
my burning moistness does your probing fingers enclose,
rhythm of our lovemaking, does steadily build,
hips rising upwards to your mouth, as your finger thrusts,
in pleasing each other, we’ve becoming so skilled,
and are now such experts in satisfying those lusts.


our bodies recline, naked limbs entwine,
against you I press, arousal to stress,
with my hair you mess, then the cheek caress,
pressing lips to mine, as moist mouths align,
tongue so serpentine, teasingly divine,
showing such finesse, when nipples molest,
then I acquiesce, thighs spread for access,
swollen lips of shrine, cannot lust confine,
pussy hot and wet, your caresses met,
long fingers poking, inner walls stroking,
my flooding chasm, tingling spasm,
teasing tongue does fret, from clit to rosette,
such bliss provoking, your face I’m soaking,
when I tremble, from sumptuous orgasm.



surrendering to the fire, of overwhelming desire,

closing the eyes and opening the thighs,

knowing my pussy’s on view, opening myself for you,

spreading myself more, flaunting moist pink core,

lain here in invitation, skin flushed from excitation,

waiting for first touch, i’ve yearned for so much,

as tongue begins to explore, melting like never before,

so vulnerable, so susceptible,

frantic shuddering of hips, as clit engulfed by warm lips,

waves of pleasure build, and need to be filled,

reaching down for your head, what i want need not be said,

warmth pervades my flesh and hips wildly thresh,

tongue delves deeply within me, orgasmic ripples run free

explodes deep within, flooding mouth and chin,

air fills with ecstatic shrieks, tears flow freely down my cheeks,

flesh trembles with joy, so blessed i’m your toy.



Your Third


i’m all yours, submissive and meek,

as your tenderness, assuages all fear

fingers gently stroking my cheek,

tucking those loose strands behind the ear,

hair tumbling to breast’s hardened tips,

your gentle touch, engenders my sighs,

running your tongue, over your lips,

drowning in your dark, intense eyes,

as you pull my face towards yours,

softly brushing your lips upon mine,

my heartbeat and arousal soars,

as your husband kisses down my spine,

his hands cupping upon my breasts,

your sweet tongue and mine entwining,

as rough thumbs rasp over hard crests,

then my head towards his inclining.

his eager mouth captures my own,

as to my breasts, your lips descend,

his tongue and yours, just makes me groan,

between softness and hardness bend.

his hot, hard flesh presses behind,

firm fingers pulling my hips back,

your teeth upon my nipple grind,

my hands upon your soft thighs track,

your soft moans, so full of desire,

as my lips caress down your skin,

fingers probing your moist fire,

whilst his firm ones, delve deep within,

then once moist, tease that aching pearl,

stirring up such frenzied passion,

on your nipples, my tongue’s slow swirl,

lust growing in urgent fashion.

pulling me back, onto his cock,

plunging so deep inside of me,

my whole body burns from the shock,

your bright eyes so awash with glee.

just confirms you really don’t mind,

your husband’s glistening hardness,

sliding into me from behind,

leaning forward into your softness,

breathing over your moistened core,

thighs parting before my probing lips,

tongue reaches outward to explore,

grinding backwards on him with my hips.

fingers sliding into my hair,

pulling my face down to your aching need,

his fingers gripping where my hip’s flare,

as he slowly increases the speed.

lips and tongue teasing swollen clit,

between moans caused by his pounding,

he goes deeper into my slit,

such guttural groans are sounding.

lust and desire reaching fever pitch,

as our yearning flesh melds into one,

becomes hard to tell, which one ones which,

when joyous release has begun,

that explosion of liquid heat,

as my body clenches hard round him,

your orgasmic juices my treat,

feeling his hardness tensing within quim,

then flooding by his spurting release,

as our sighs, groans and moans are heard,

mingled juices seeping from my crease

so blessed you both chose me as your third.



Elevator Ride

trapped together by an outage of power, in an elevator just the two of us, knowing we’re stuck here for at least an hour, possibilities flirtatiously discuss.

accidentally pressing myself against you, then giving you such a predatory smile. the softness of my plump breasts makes your passion brew, when I use them to entice you with such guile.

flirting makes lust run through your veins like wildfire, causing logic and restraint to disappear, to be replaced by burning carnal desire, when my glistening red lips to yours, draw near.

with such urgency your mouth presses to mine, and my plundering tongue thrusts between your lips. the taste of your mouth is so sweetly divine, tongues duelling in that most erotic of courtships.

that we’re both strangers seems to be of no concern, as my hand reaches downward to caress you, and hardness of your arousal to discern, as my fingers embark on a squeezing spree.

pleasure i’m giving you is sheer agony, making the ache in your balls unbearable, as our tongues slither in such sweet harmony, at exciting you i’m so very capable.

we’re so short of breath, finally have to break our kiss, that’s when you reach up and cup my luscious breast, and through my silk blouse feeling nipple’s hardness. softly whimpering as you pinch the swollen crest.

small buttons of blouse strain as my large breasts heave, you kissing my neck as your fingers fumble, finally removing my blouse you achieve, lush flesh over the lace cups seems to tumble.

licking down cleavage and then nipples caress, moaning as you suck and nibble on my skin, and my hand on your cock continues to press, when you remove my bra, flashing you a grin.

in the dim light, viewing my magnificent breasts, before the right nipple you suck hard upon, rolling left as between your fingers it rests, switching between them till they both so wetly shone.

as your fingertips run slowly up my thigh, and beneath the hem of my very short skirt, you feel the damp heat as your fingers draw nigh, that the strength of my arousal does assert.

caressing those plump lips through the sodden lace, as my agile fingers unzip your trousers, then deep into your boxers my fingers trace, as you stimulate clit, through my lace knickers.

my fingers surround and stroke the swollen shaft, as softly whispered words state your yearning need, dropping to knees and breath across crown does waft, pulling those boxers down until cock is freed.

relishing the caress of my warm wet lips, wrapping so sensually around your hardness, sucking the drops of cum that from the slit drips, closing eyes and giving in to my mouth’s lewdness.

leaning back against the elevator’s wall, as i suckle and lick you so sensually, with technique that does so divinely enthral, as the pressure for release grows gradually.

fingers tenderly cupping and fondling balls, sleek tongue tending to you with wanton delight, as along the shaft my mouth rises and falls, until against releasing you’re having to fight.

and then reluctantly you push me away, grabbing me by shoulders as you pull me up, then once more with my sumptuous breasts you play, as your fingers upon soft feminine flesh cup.

kissing along my neck and then collarbone, as your other hand explores between splayed thighs, caressing just right to cause me to groan. feeling so wet as passion intensifies.

sighing loudly as finger brushes over clit, and my flesh quivers from your skilful caress, as your other hand fondles my heaving tit, then your fingers beneath my wet lace progress.

deep into my molten insides, fingers screw, thrusting hard in and out of that sleek chasm, and squirming from the pleasure that does accrue, before shuddering from a minor spasm.

upon each of my aching nipples you suck, as your fingers start teasing my clit once more, and to the rhythm my hips so wildly buck, as your attentions causes passions to soar.

arching my back to thrust breasts into your face, grabbing your head as my groans grow more urgent, mouth sucks and fingers flick at that frantic pace, with shuddering groan, freezing for the moment.

before my broken voice issues a hoarse scream, and the orgasmic pleasure floods from my core, your fingers feel the warm flooding of my cream, which from my swollen lips does gushingly pour.

“now just fuck me hard from behind,” forcibly demand, when my body finally stops it’s shaking, then turning so you can obey my command, presenting my bottom for our lovemaking.

tugging down those now sodden knickers for you, discarding skirt to fully expose target, for a moment pause just to enjoy the view, before head of your hard cock touches my slit.

sliding easily between those glistening lips, my muscles squeezing as you go deep inside, till fleshy cheeks of my bottom touch your hips, as my body you start to sensually ride.

leaning forward till hands against the wall rests, pushing backward to meet each and every thrust, as you reach around and grab hold of my breasts, our bare flesh slapping noisily in our lust.

steadily increasing pace of our fucking, as reaching down to find my own swollen clit, then subject it to that torturous rubbing, softly whimpering each time our bodies hit,

feeling balls tighten, know you’re about to cum, as my trembling muscles clench round your cock, and both to sweet orgasmic release succumb, as those muscles round your spurting penis lock.

riding each euphoric shudder of pleasure, both lost in the moment and in each other, left with a furtive memory to treasure, of torrid sex during a power failure.